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Instructions for Linux Computers

Download from the website to your desktop.

Extract the .zip file in the process you prefer.

Open the terminal.

Change to the directory you just extracted.

type python Operation_Find.pyw -p /path/to/search -o /path/to/output/folder -t html|csv [-a | -c | -s]

-p = The path to the directory to be searched. The path will be searched recursively.
-o = The path to the directory that will contain Find_SSNs output files. (Try to make sure that the output location is not in the search location)
-t = Type of main report file you would like Find_SSNs to produce. Only html or csv are supported.
-a = Search files for both U.S. Social Security numbers and Credit Card numbers.
-c = Search files only for Credit Card numbers.
-s = Search files only for U.S. Social Security numbers.

Search progress should appear shortly

The report will consist of either a Find_SSNs.html or a Find_SSNs.csv (depending on the type of report that you choose) file along with a Find_SSNs.txt file.



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