IT Communication Liaisons

The goals of the IT Communication Liaisons program are:

  • to improve the two-way communication between the Information Technology Division and NDSU departments, colleges, and business units, 
  • to provide a mechanism for gathering input from faculty and staff across campus, and 
  • to increase awareness of security and acceptable use issues. 

To accomplish these goals, vice presidents, deans, directors, and department chairs are periodically asked to appoint an IT Communication Liaison to collaborate with IT staff on an ongoing basis. Individuals appointed as Liaisons are then attend monthly meetings for an overview of a variety of technology plans, projects, issues, and ideas. The meetings also serve as a forum for Liaisons to raise questions or concerns about campus technology. 

Whenever possible, IT Communication Liaisons also receive advance warning of upcoming technology changes and issues so they are prepared to answer questions from their constituencies.

Please see the list of IT Communication Liaisons members for the name of the individual representing your team or business unit. If your area is not represented, contact your vice president, department chair, director, dean about participating in the IT Communication Liaisons program. 

Contact Us

The IT Communications Liaisons meetings are facilitated by Jason Blosser.

Jason Blosser
Assistant Vice President
Information Technology Services
(701) 231-5585 

Kristi Steinmann
Communications and Strategic Partnerships Lead
Office of the VP for Information Technology
(701) 231-8369


The IT Communication Liaisons email list is used to keep members updated on meetings and announcements.

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