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Statement of Purpose

The main purpose of Student Affairs' work is to support student learning and personal growth. We do this by providing important services, being advocates for students, helping students adjust socially and providing a curriculum for personal growth and learning through student involvement in co-curricular activities.

It is important that we anchor our support of student learning and personal growth in the use of human development concepts such as those developed by Chickering, Astin, Holland, Gilligan,and Kohlberg. The use of these concepts provides an opportunity to identify and assess desired outcomes.

The most desirable approach to the support of learning and personal growth is in partnership with the faculty. This partnership can take on many forms to include: service learning opportunities, compensatory educational programs, and student-faculty interaction outside the classroom especially in student organizations that are academically aligned.

This means that we work together to encourage the best possible experience for students in and outside the classroom. Having student affairs staff serve on university committees and faculty serve on student affairs' committees can contribute toward a shared responsibility for the student experience. Using faculty expertise and insight can contribute toward the identification of desired educational outcomes for the graduates of the institution. Student affairs participation in discussions about general education can extend the impact of the curriculum beyond the classroom.

In order for an organization to be effective it needs structure and support for the people who commit their careers to the organization. Therefore organizational development should be a high priority in order to facilitate communication, clarify purposes and provide the kind of experience for staff that we desire for students as they learn and grow. Work should be fun and purposeful.

Since many of the services we provide play a very important role in the campus experience of our students, we need to deliver those services in a way that is effective, efficient, convenient, and sensitive. In order to do this it is necessary to obtain insight and understanding as to how students perceive the services.

We support student learning and personal growth as we act out our roles. Those roles include: providing services, being advocates, helping students adjust to the campus and being educators in partnership with the faculty.

Vice President for Student Affairs, NDSU-Fargo
May, 1995

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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