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Student Affairs Values

The development, learning, and success of our students are priorities. Student Affairs is a strong voice of advocacy for students.

Inclusiveness / Collegiality: The Division of Student Affairs stands for a sense of community where all members are valued. This value includes an emphasis on collaboration and partnerships. It emphasizes the respectful way we treat each other, our students, and members of the university community.

Respect for Diversity: People of all backgrounds - inter-generational, various abilities and lifestyles - are honored and represented in the Division of Student Affairs through our programs, words and actions. We seek to cultivate awareness and understanding of diversity issues.

Professionalism: Members of our division must model professionalism through ethical leadership, integrity, credibility, respect, excellence, consistency and effectiveness. This also means providing developmental opportunities for our members.

Excellence - "State of the Art" - "Cutting Edge": We seek out and/or create models and effective methods to address current and future issues and trends. The Division of Student Affairs creates vital learning environments for students and those who serve them on campus.                                                                                                                                                                            

[Adapted from NASPA]

Student Affairs adds to the student experience by educating us 'outside of the classroom.'  Providing everything from leadership experiences to basic needs such as housing and food, the Division of Student Affairs ensures a quality experience. 



Amber, 2009-2010 student body president

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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