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Healthy Herd PowerPoint Slides

Too few of our students make use of the many health and wellness resources available on campus. Help us get the word out to students about how to make use of these resources and live healthier lives! Please use these slides as-is in any presentation you give to students. Thank you for helping our students live healthier lives! If you get a question from a student about the slide, you can refer them to the website on every slide or have them contact the Office of Student Affairs Assessment at or 231-5210. Please let us know if you are using any of the slides. 

"Take Action to Reduce the Effects of Stress!"

Stress Reduction (widescreen 16:9)

Stress Reduction (standard 4:3)

"Prescription Drug Abuse: Not a Safe Alternative!"

Prescription Drug Abuse (widescreen 16:9)

Prescription Drug Abuse (standard 4:3)

"Don't let alcohol / drugs affect your future!"

Employers' attitude toward alcohol (widescreen 16:9)

Employers' attitude toward alcohol (standard 4:3)

"26,000 cases of HPV-related cancers every year in the U.S. but only 42% of college students have received the HPV vaccine."

HPV Vaccination (widescreen 16:9)

HPV Vaccination (standard 4:3)

"248 NDSU students likely have chlamydia. Are you one of them? Be responsible and get yourself tested!"

STD Testing (widescreen 16:9)

STD Testing (standard 4:3)

"College can be stressful! The Counseling Center can help!"

Stress and the Counseling Center (widescreen 16:9)

Stress and the Counseling Center (standard 4:3)

"Users of the Wellness Center earn higher GPAs than non-users."

Wellness Center Use and GPA (widescreen 16:9)

Wellness Center Use and GPA (standard 4:3)

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