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Publications and Presentations

If a student learns, and there's no one around to assess it, does it make a sound? Reframing Assessment as Meaning Making (AALHE Annual Meeting keynote, Milwaukee, 2016)

Reframing Assessment as Meaning Making (PDF)

Reframing Assessment as Meaning Making (slide show)

 Cribs: NDSU Student Affairs Assessment Office (video mentioned at the beginning of the presentation)

Eureka! Strategies for Assessing Co-curricular Programs Across Three Different Institutions (Higher Learning Commission's Annual Conference, 2016)

Joint presentation by City Colleges of Chicago, Coe College, and NDSU

Mission Statements and Student Learning Outcomes (City Colleges of Chicago)

Mission Possible: Assessment in the Division of Student Affairs (new department assessment welcome)

1. Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it: Introduction to Assessment and Strategic Planning in the Division of Student Affairs

2. Mission Dossier: Strategic Planning and Assessment

3. Attache Case: Resources and Tools to Support Assessment and Planning

The Many Faces of Assessment: Strategies for Assessing Co-curricular Programs: AALHE Webinar

Presentation Slides

Higher Learning Commission's Annual Conference, March, 2015: Assessment's Not My Job!

Presentation slides: Assessment's Not My Job!

Beseler-Thompson and Penn Paper

Action Planning Template

Assessment Experiences and Needs Survey

Assessment Experiences and Needs: NDSU Executive Summary

NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference, June, 2014

Mixed Methods Assessment: The Odd Couple, or a Match Made in Heaven?

Don't Want No Satisfaction: Assessing Learning in Student Affairs Programs with Rubrics

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), June, 2014

Bueller? Bueller? A Model for Assessing Student Learning Outside the Classroom

Bueller? Bueller? A Model for Assessing Student Learning Outside the Classroom

Example Communication Plan

Timely Topics: Fall, 2013

Introductory Slides: Introduction to the Student Affairs Learning Agenda

Overview of the CULE General Education Outcomes

Don't Want No Satisfaction Webinar: September 2014, sponsored by Campus Labs

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