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Assessment Results

The Division of Student Affairs at NDSU is committed to improving student learning and the student experience. The pages linked below provide information on how departments, programs, and services in the Division are gathering evidence on student learning and the student experience and then using that evidence to improve.

View summaries of recent assessment reports. The 2014-2015 reports, the 2013-2014 reports, and 2012-2013 reports are also available.

View monthly Student Affairs Insight reports which highlight contributions the Division makes to NDSU.

Survey Results

View NDSU's results from the 2014 National Student Financial Wellness Survey.

Results from the 2015 Graduate Student Satisfaction and Needs survey are now available.

The Mattering Scale: Bison Voice explores new students' perceptions of mattering to the NDSU community.

The Presidents United to Stop Hunger survey examined students' food insecurity concerns.

Improving First-Year Retention

NDSU's Significant 6 for first year retention. #1 Support students with lower academic preparation (high school GPAs less than 3.14). Number not retained at NDSU: 162, potential improvement in fall-to-fall retention: 6.6%. #2. Ensure all students feel they matter to the NDSU community (low perceptions of mattering). Number not retained at NDSU: 98, potential improvement in retention: 4.0%. #3. Support Pell-eligible students (low SES). Number not retained at NDSU: 82, potential impact on retention: 3.3%. Students who met #1-#3 above had odds of attrition 16 times higher than those who did not meet those characteristics (low HSGPA, low perception of mattering to NDSU, and Pell-eligible). #4. Encourage first generation students (neither parent has any type of college degree). Number not retained: 52, potential improvement in fall-to-fall retention: 2.1%. #5. Provide services for diverse students (non-white). Number not retained: 38, potential improvement in retention: 1.5%. #6. Live on-campus. Number not retained: 27, potential improvement in retention: 1.1%. *Calculated as population attributable fraction times the number who were not retained from fall 2014 to fall 2015. Some students many have experienced more than one of the causes and are therefore not summable. Based on the 2014 Mattering survey results.

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