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Procedures for Winter Storms Announced by Division of Finance and Administration

Updated 10/25/2017

With the winter storm season approaching, the Division of Finance and Administration has announced NDSU winter storm procedures and protocol. Snow or low temperatures normally are not reasons to close the university, but significant amounts of snow might warrant a delayed start. Snow combined with severe wind chills or blizzard conditions also may warrant closing the university.

A Severe Weather Protocol Crisis Management Team (CMRT) will assist the administration in providing advice on weather related operation. Decisions made by the administration which will disrupt the operations of the University will be announced through the formal mass notification procedures identified in NDSU Policy 721 - Campus Emergency Notification Systems (CENS)

In addition to the formal CENS announcement, employees and students may also use the NDSU website and the NDSU information update line at 231-INFO (231-4636).  The website and information telephone line will continue to provide updates on the status of University classes and office operations during the storm. NDSU also will utilize local media outlets to enhance the redundancy of its message to the employees and students. (The University Police phone line should not be used to check on updates in order to leave this line available for critical operational calls.)

The following actions may be taken by NDSU:

  • NDSU will be in full operation and all events will take place as scheduled.

  • NDSU will cancel classes but normal business operations will remain open.
    Morning, afternoon or evening classes at NDSU may be canceled or all classes may be canceled for the entire day but all other aspects of the university may operate during normal business hours.

Example:  Classes are held during the day but predicted evening winter weather conditions warrant that evening classes be cancelled.  Regular business activities could continue until the end of the normal business day.  Situations do occur, however, when events are scheduled at the BSA, Library, Memorial Union, etc. where employees may be working to support those events.  As a result, consideration needs to be given to the actual times that the campus is open to not only students and employees but also to the public.

Example:  Classes begin late or are dismissed early.  In this instance, it may be advantageous for the campus work force to prepare the campus, e.g., snow removal, de-icing, etc., for normal business operations without cancelling or dismissing ALL operations.

If conditions are severe enough to cause all NDSU operations to cease, the next bullet would be exercised: 

  • NDSU will be officially closed and will provide an update later on class and business status via official communication.
    In this situation, only designated emergency personnel whose responsibilities require they be on duty, and who have been identified by their supervisor as such, would report for work.  Supervisors are encouraged to review storm procedures with employees who are deemed essential for their operations, even when the campus is officially closed.

Once a disruption of campus operations has been cleared to return to normal operations, the formal CENS notification process will provide that “all clear” message.

NOTEPlease check the respective Athletics, Fine Arts, Memorial Union, Libraries, and Wallman Wellness Center websites for information concerning their events.  Also please check with other specific events, as they may be canceled or rescheduled.

Check the Following for Severe Weather Announcements

    The Winter Weather Alert will be posted on the NDSU home page
  • 231-INFO (231-4636)
    The NDSU Emergency Announcement phone number will provide current information on the status of classes and university offices during storms for anyone without internet access.
  • Local TV Stations
    WDAY (ABC)
    KVLY (NBC)
    KXJB (CBS)
    KVRR (FOX)
  • Local AM Radio Stations
    KVOX-AM (740)
    KFGO (790)
    WDAY-AM (970)
    WZFG (1100)
    KDLM (1340)
    KQWB-AM (1660)
  • Local FM Radio Stations
    KDSU (91.9)
    WDAY-FM (93.7)
    KBVB (95.1)
    KQWB (98.7)
    KVOX-FM (99.9)
    KRWK (101.9)
    KRCQ (102.3)
    KBOT (104.1)
    KMJO (104.7)
    KLTA (105.1)
    KEGK (106.9)
    KPFX (107.9)

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Last Updated: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 3:15:21 PM
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