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Intramurals: General Rules & Entry


  • All entry fees and rosters must be complete on IM Leagues by 11:59pm on the deadline day online.  
  • No late entries will be accepted.  NO REFUNDS except for weather cancellations. 
  • Individuals or teams will not be allowed to play until all fees are paid.
  • The cost of Intramural events vary from $40-$50 for each team. 
  • Fees collected are used directly to operate the program.
  • Certain sports may require additional fees to cover the cost of referees.   

Team Captains Meeting

Intramural sporting events require a captains meeting prior to the beginning of the first event.  Schedules, rules, and any questions will be covered at these meetings. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR EACH TEAM.  Failure to attend the meeting and will result in being dropped from that activity with NO REFUND.  If the team captain is not available, it is their responsibility to find a representative for their team.


Any student, staff, or faculty is allowed to participate in Intramural Sports with the following exceptions and restrictions:

  • A current NDSU picture ID. card is required at all events.
  • Tri-college students are not allowed to participate in NDSU Intramural Sporting events.
  • An individual may participate in only one team per sport.  The team which they first represent will be the only team they may play on for the remainder of the sport. 
  • An individual may participate in one men's or women’s team and a co-recreational team. Those who do participate on both a men or women’s team and a co-recreational team must indicate on their roster which teams they play for.
  • All participants must carry a current NDSU picture ID card to the intramural activity site. A check will be made by the Intramural Supervisor on duty. Participants unable to present a current ID card will not be allowed to play until the ID card is shown.
  • Any team that allows an ineligible player will forfeit that game.
  • Any player transferring from one team to another shall be ineligible to play for that sport for the remainder of the season. Changes in the roster will be allowed until the end of the third game of play. After that time, no additions may be made.
  • Students whose names appear on an official intercollegiate varsity or junior varsity squad list shall be ineligible to for a period of one year of their respective sport.
  • Professional athletes are banned from their related sport for a period of five years.

Forfeits and Game Reporting

  • All games shall be played on the date and time as scheduled. A five minute grace period is allowed; after that time, the game will be forfeited.
  • Games lost by forfeit shall not be rescheduled for any reason. A team with two forfeits will be dropped from that sport for the tournaments.
  • It is the responsibility of the winning team’s manager to report the victory and score of the game to the supervisor on duty.  Failure to report will result in that game not being recorded as a win.


  • Inclement weather postponements will be made by 2:00 pm on the day of the event. It is the team captain’s responsibility to contract the Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports Office for the decision. Canceled games will be rescheduled if possible.
  • All intramural activities will automatically be canceled if the NDSU campus has closed due to inclement weather; this includes those activities which are held off-campus.


Participants and fans are expected to use sportsmanship during any intramural event. In the event that an individual acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, the official or supervisor has full authority to take action as they see necessary to keep the game in control and protect the safety of all participants. Any incident involving verbal or physical abuse will result in:

  • Warning
  • Ejection from the game
  • Ejection from the area
  • Suspension from the league


  • Team captains will be notified ONLY if their team made it into the playoffs.
  • Rosters will be checked prior to the beginning of the playoff event.
  • Any team allowing an ineligible player will automatically be disqualified.
  • T-shirts will be awarded to the winning team. Only those players playing in the championship game will receive a t-shirt. Only one t-shirt will be given out to each player, NO additional shirts will be given out.

Accident Policy

NDSU does NOT carry an insurance policy for injuries. All participants are urged to obtain a medical examination prior to participating in any activity. All accidents and injuries must be reported to the intramural director on duty  An accident report form must be completed and signed.

Intramural sports is a voluntary program.
Individuals participate at their own risk


Questions? Contact the Intramurals & Recreation Coordinator at 701.231.7384

Or contact the Graduate Assistant of Intramurals & Recreation: 

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