Wellness Center Challenge

Wellness Center Spring Challenge

4 months-4 Challenges-1 prize

During January, February, March and April complete in the spring challenges to be entered to win a Series 3 Apple Watch. Earn one entry for each challenge completed.

Events will be recorded in the Wellness Center. Individuals must be registered to be eligible for the prize (register below), but can participate without registering. The winner will be announced in May.

January: 300 bodyweight reps
February: 12 GroupFIT Classes
March: 3 Mile Swim
April: 15 Wellness Center Visits


January Challenge: 300 bodyweight reps. Reps are recorded at the 1st floor fitness desk. Reps do not need to be completed in Wellness Center, but they must be recorded the same day. Record every rep you complete starting January 12th - get 300 reps by the end of the month to complete this challenge.

Register here. 

February Challenge: 12 GroupFIT Classes. Participation recorded by ID scans in class and tracked through the Wellness Center’s membership system. Participate in 12 GroupFIT classes this month to complete this challenge. 

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March Challenge: 3 Mile Swim. Laps are recorded in the lap pool area of aquatics. Individuals must swim at least 3 miles (106 laps) to complete this challenge.

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April Challenge: 15 Wellness Center Visits. Access will be recorded by the Wellness Center's membership system. Utilize the Wellness Center 15 times in November to complete this challenge.

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