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 ND INBRE Metal Analysis Core

Marinus Otte and Donna Jacob are co-directors of the ND INBRE Metal Analysis Core. The core also includes David Hopkins and Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat.

For information about ND INBRE (North Dakota IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence), its goals and participants, see ND

The aims of the Metal Analysis Core are to:

  1. To provide analytic capability in metal analysis to the ND INBRE partners and faculty in all participating institutions within North Dakota.
  2. To provide technical and professional expertise in ionomics to the ND INBRE partners and faculty in all participating institutions of ND. 
  3. To develop and establish an educational network in ionomics to serve the post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students comprising the ND INBRE network.
  4. To develop professional and technical relationships with divisions within the North Dakota Department of Health as ionomics applies to the environmental quality of the air, water and soil in ND.

The ND INBRE Metal Analysis Core carries out analyses for participants of ND INBRE, provides advice on analysis of metals and actively participates in collaborative research. See also our Laboratory Facilities.





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 MAC Undergraduate Experience 

 VCSU students who visited spring 2012 from VCSU Audry Fergel & Ashley Farnsworth. 

Candace Kraft from Valley City State University (Dr. Bilski's group) spent several weeks working with graduate students in the lab summer 2011.

Students from Mayville State University learned techniques of microwave digestion and ICP-OES analysis  (January 2011).  From left: Dr. Donna Jacob, Dr. Khwaja Hossain, Allison Aaland, Hardy DeLong, and Katelyn Jespersen.   

Valley City State University students (Dr. Jerzy Bilski's group) trained in the lab during Spring break 2010. From left: Dr. Marinus Otte, Dr. Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat, Dr. David Hopkins, Fakira Soumaila, Felix Kyei-Asare, Dr. Donna Jacob, Chinedu "Uzi" Ilogu, Erin McLean, Kyle McLean, and Mardee Lander.



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