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Marinus L. Otte
  • Professor, M.S. (1986, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Ph.D. (1991, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Co-Director and mentor of the ND INBRE II Metal Analysis Core
  • Interests: wetlands, ecology, ecotoxicology, ecophysiology, biogeochemistry
  • Contact information: marinus.otte(at), office 701-231-8708

Donna L. Jacob
  • Research Assistant Professor, BS (1991 Beloit College Wisconsin USA), M.S. and Ph.D. (1998 and 2004 University College Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
  • Co-Director of the ND INBRE II Metal Analysis Core
  • Interests:wetlands, biogeochemistry, nanoparticles, ecology
  • Contact information: donna.jacob(at), office 701-231-8999

 Current Graduate and Undergraduate Students

La Toya Kissoon
  • Ph.D. candidate
  • Project: Biogeochemical effects of wetland plants on soil, sediments and water
  • Contact information: latoya.kissoon(at)

Alex Yellick
  • Master's student
  • Project: Multi-element fingerprinting as a rapid assessment tool for wetland quality and Chemical connectivity of prairie potholes across watersheds
  • Contact information: alex.yellick(at)ndsu.ed

Alex Stalboerger
  • Master's student
  • Project: Constructed wetlands for treatment of tile-drainage water and for production of biofuel
  • Contact information: alex.stalboerger(at)
Aida Asgary
  • Master's student
  • Project: Multi-element fingerprinting of riparian wetlands in North Dakota
  • Contact information: aida.asgary(at)
Josh Borchardt
  • Undergraduate student with the lab since 2009
  • Project: TiO2 nanoparticles in aquatic plants
  • Contact information: joshua.borchardt(at)
Ryan SullivanRyan Sullivan 
  • Undergraduate student with the lab since 2009
  • Project: title coming soon
Emily FischbachEmily Fischbach 
  • Undergraduate student with the lab since 2011
  • Project: title coming soon
Also thanks to our undergraduate assistants:
  • 2007: Jordan Wein
  • 2008: Matthew Green
  • 2009: Nathan Miller, Ryan Sullivan, Joshua Borchardt, Alex Yellick
  • 2010: Joshua Borchardt, Alex Yellick, Ryan Sullivan, Ankit Dhingra, Patrick Culhane, John Charles, Brett Lyslo, Brandi Roshau, Kevin Christensen, Eden Friedrich, Michelle Harviell
  • 2010 Fall: Kevin Christensen, Brett Lyslo, Patrick Culhane, Justin Tabaka, Christina Swenson, Alex Hoehle, Eden Friedrich, Shanessa Ellis;
  • 2011 Summer: Alex Hoele, John Schmidt, Emily Fischbach, Johsua Borchardt, Ryan Sullivan, Candace Kraft (VCSU)
  • 2011 Fall: Hanna Passolt, Travis Strehlow, Eden Friedrich, Joshua Borchardt, Alex Hoehle, Emily Fischbach, Ryan Sullivan, Madhulike Potukuchi, Chen Tian
Fledged Students
Justin Tabaka
  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: Dendrochronology; historical multi-element traces in the environment as recorded in tree rings, collaboration with Dr. Joe Zeleznik
Sharmila Sunwar
  • Ph.D. degree conferred 2011
  • Project: Multi-element uptake in Triglochin maritima and other species from wetlands associated with enriched and non-enriched sites (hotsprings, temporary wetlands etc)
Dimuthu Wijeyaratne
  • Ph.D. degree conferred 2011
  • Project: chemical fingerprinting of sediments and water of the Souris River for indentification of diffuse pollution sources

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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