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  • ALWAYS discuss your travel plans with Rita or Suzy BEFORE you leave
  • Obtain Out-of-State Travel Authorization if applicable - complete this form
  • WERG Worksheet for travel

    • Instructions for documentation and reimbursement
    • save to your computer
    • double-click for excel
    • complete and save
    • print for Donna, Rita and yourself
    • please be aware that various rates (mileage, per diem etc.) can change without notice

  • Since September 10, 2010 students traveling in state fleet vehices must have permission from the Student Travel Committee before they travel

    • Hints (for the last three, take your pick):

      • Give Donna's contact details under Faculty/staff advisor contact information - you will need Donna's signature at the end of the form
      • Purpose for attending function = networking, scientific training, to present student research, fieldwork etc.
      • What is the official state business being conducted, NDSU function being performed or benefit to the State? = represent our research group, Department of Biological Sciences and NDSU at regional/national scientific venue; presenting research; networking to obtain future funding for graduate/undergraduate research; scientific mentoring/training etc.
      • In what way will this travel benefit the student participants? = scientific training, networking, fieldwork for scientific research etc. etc. etc.

    • Instructions

      1.  Complete the NDSU Student Travel Notification Form available online at

      If state fleet vehicle use is requested, it is important to clearly identify how the state of North Dakota, not just NDSU, will benefit from the vehicle being used for this purpose.  Authorization to use a state fleet vehicle is an approval process; not a simple formality.  Many requests have been denied, not because the activity doesn’t have value, but because the value is primarily for the student rather than the State of North Dakota.

      2.  Submit the completed form to the Dean of Student Life Office (Memorial Union 250), prior to noon on Thursdays at least ten business days prior to the proposed travel.  The student travel committee meets once a week,

      currently on Thursday afternoons to review requests.  Requests received after noon on Thursday will be reviewed at the following week’s meeting.

      3.  The student travel committee reviews the request and determines whether or not the use of state fleet vehicles will be authorized.  A copy of the decision is forwarded to the Motor Pool at NDSU.  Any previously made reservations for state fleet vehicles will be canceled for trips for which authorization is denied.

      4.  The Associate Director of Memorial Union/Student Activities will notify the designated trip contact regarding the committee’s decision for student organization requests.  Academic requests (field trips, etc.) will be confirmed with the academic department by the Dean of Student Life, until such time as that responsibility is transferred to the respective college deans.

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