Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want/need a Women and Gender Studies major or minor?

Many reasons:

  • You want an interdisciplinary program
  • You want to increase your knowledge and development as a female or male
  • It will be helpful in your career
  • Women and Gender Studies courses are excellent!



Do Women and Gender Studies students bash men?

Not if we can help it! In your WGS courses, you will learn about power and privilege, including male privilege. Throughout your WGS education, you will learn how male privilege and domination has been hurtful to women, and the purpose of the class is to examine the reality of the situation. But, no, the courses aren't designed for male bashing.



If I get a WGS minor, will I become the "f" word -- a feminist?

Holy cow, you just might! But wait -- there are many definitions of "feminist"-- would you buy into being part of a "social justice movement for gender equity and human liberation"??? (Baumgardner and Richards in ManifestA) You won't need to burn your bra or begin attending protest rallies on a daily basis. But the Women and Gender Studies program may just raise your awareness of key issues of importance to both genders, and greater awareness can't be harmful, right? You might even want to claim to be a feminist when you're finished.




What is feminism?

Basically it’s exactly what the dictionary says it is: the movement for social, political and economic equality of men and women.



Why are there negative views of feminism?

The media and our culture have played a huge role in portraying feminism as an awful thing to be avoided at all costs! From Rush Limbaugh’s term, “femi-nazi,” to journalists' off-hand comments about how the feminists are outraged or are marching in the streets, many of us think of feminists as militant, butch, angry and man-hating.  While some feminists may be militant, butch, angry and/or man-hating, there are many feminists (women and men alike) who are none of the above.  One of the goals in WGS 110 is to learn that feminism can simply be about desiring equality for all.


How can I become more involved in WGS on the NDSU campus?

  • Take a class
  • Become a major or a minor in WGS 
  • Support clubs like the Ten Percent Society and Feminist Leadership Alliance


Can men enroll in WGS classes?

Of course! Issues within WGS courses affect women and MEN.


How will WGS classes change me as a person, and how will I view the world differently? 

Many times students will see their views change throughout the course of a WGS course. It may vary a lot from when they first entered class or a little. Many times this is due to the alternative perspectives that are presented throughout WGS courses. Many of these views and perspectives aren’t well-known in mainstream society, at least not yet.

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