Undergraduate Major


The NDSU Women and Gender Studies program is an interdisciplinary academic program that focuses on women and gender issues in society, while integrating the teaching, research, and service goals of our land grant university. The undergraduate program offers a major and minor, and it has internal tracks that allow students to pursue focused studies in areas such as gender and public health. The Women and Gender Studies program requirements also complement various other degrees for students interested in double majoring.


For Individuals Who:

Want to examine gender-related issues and foster social justice in society. Are interested in interdisciplinary coursework. 


Program Learning Objectives:

Upon graduation, Women and Gender Studies students will be able to:

  1. Analyze how the social construction of gender and sex affects individual experiences

  2. Examine how privilege and oppression function in society and culture

  3. Explore how feminism and activism are intertwined by studying ways that diverse individuals, groups, and communities can work to affect change

  4. Analyze how social categorizations of one’s identity, such as race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, and gender identity, intersect and affect a person’s lived experiences

  5. Construct evidence-based arguments within their own interdisciplinary fields of inquiry that use a variety of credible sources.

  6. Explore the implications of engaged citizenship



The Women and Gender Studies major consists of a total of 33 approved semester credits. Students must take 7 core courses and 12 approved elective credits in their area of choice.


Major Map:

Get major-specific advice on coursework, work experience, connections, broadening perspectives, and life after graduation–all in one place. Major Maps provide suggestions on how to make the most of your NDSU experience, but you are not limited by these recommendations. See the WGS Major Map here!


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