2003 ND WRRI Fellowship Program

The ND Water Resources Research Institute announces its 2003 Graduate Research Fellowship program. NDSU and UND Graduate students who are conducting or planning research in water resources areas may apply for fellowships varying from three summer months to a full year in duration. Stipends average $1,400 per month. The fellowship funds must be applied between March 2003 and February 2004.

Projects proposed for fellowship support should relate to water resources research issues in the state or region. Regional, state, or local collaborations or co-funding will strengthen an application.

Applications are due in the office of the director on November 15, 2002. The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of faculty and state water resources research professionals. Announcement of awards will be made by early January.

Consult the ND WRRI website, www.ce.ndsu.nodak.edu/wrri for background on the program, and guidelines for preparation of applications. Fellowships have matching requirements. Applicants and advisors who are new to the program are urged to contact ND WRRI Director, G. Padmanabhan, at 231-7043, or G.Padmanabhan@ndsu.nodak.edu.

Send your applications to Dr. G. Padmanabhan, Director, ND Water Resources Research Institute, North Dakota State University, CIE 201A, Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, P.O. Box 5285, Fargo, ND 58105.

See the link below for guidelines for preparation of applications

Each year, we must wait for Congress and the President to fund the USGS budget with the national water institutes program funding. The President's budget FY 2003 budget did not include funding for the program, but both the Senate and House bills do include funding at least at the 2002 level. It is highly likely (but not guaranteed) that Institute funding will be continued. 

This information is provided to permit potential advisors and fellows to plan an application. The deadline for receipt of applications is November 15, 2002.  

  • Fellowships are competitive, and applications will be evaluated by faculty referees and an external panel. 

  • Fellowships are available to NDSU or UND graduate students in full-standing who are performing M.S. or Ph.D. thesis research in a water resources area. Fellowships provide the stipend for the graduate student. (Other costs are met by the advisor's research grants, department, college, etc.)

  • The fellowship stipend tracks the NSF Graduate Fellowship. For 2002, the monthly stipend is $1,400. Fellowships may be requested for three summer months ($4,200), for a semester plus the summer (7.5 mo, $10,500; 8.0 mo, $11,200), or a full year ($16,800). Preference for the full-year awards will be given to students in the later stages of thesis or dissertation research who can demonstrate good research productivity (conference presentations, manuscripts submitted, etc.). Three-month summer awards are preferred for students in their first summer of research. Depending on the overall evaluation of the application, a smaller/shorter award than that requested may be offered.  

  • Multiple applications from a research group are permitted.

  • Applicants should have a thesis project defined and approved by their graduate advisory committees. The approval requirement does not apply, at the time of the application (Fall 2002), to 2003 summer fellowship applicants in their first semester. 

  • The advisor (through existing grants, or funding from within the university) will provide for other research support costs (supplies, travel, etc.). 

  • The fellowship must be matched by twice the amount awarded from non-federal sources. The preferred sources of matching are: (1) auditable co-funding of the student’s thesis project from a non-federal grant, or (2) faculty time in-kind matching plus student tuition waiver. A faculty in-kind contribution of 1-3 months (depending on the size of the stipend) of state-funded academic year time, when combined with fringe benefits, waiver of indirect costs and graduate tuition waiver, is often sufficient to provide the required match.

  • Students who received a 2002 fellowship may apply for a renewal.

  • Fellowships start on 01 March 2003 (or as soon thereafter as the USGS authorizes the ND WRRI funding)

Potential applicants (student or advisors) are encouraged to send an email message of interest in the program to ND WRRI Director Padmanabhan (G.Padmanabhan@ndsu.edu).  

"Leveraging" Funding 

It is strongly recommended that advisors/students consult personnel from:

as well as other local or regional water recourses professionals, to explore whether the proposed fellowship research fits with their ongoing or planned research programs. If so, cooperative agreements involving additional funding or in-kind contributions of services to the fellowship project may be possible.

Reporting requirements

Fellows will be asked to summarize their project at three times during the year:

  • May 2003, synopsis of progress on project (submit abstract, without prompting, before leaving the campus for summer activities).

  • October 2003, summary of progress for the Institute Newsletter and website.

  • May, 2004, thesis abstract or synopsis of progress.

Guidelines for preparation of applications