WRRI Fellowship Research Presentations at Joint North Dakota Water Quality Monitoring Council
and ND WRRI Meeting 2/7/13

"Sulfate Removal from Agriculture Tile Drain Water by Constructed Wetlands" - Alex Stalboerger
“An Investigation into Bromate Formation in Ozone Disinfection Systems” Leslee Storlie
“Monitor and Predict Drought using NOAH land surface model and GRACE satellite observation” Jiexia Wu
"Environmental Nanotechnology Research at NDSU" Harjyoti Kalita and Michael Quamme
“Source, Fate, and Transport of Cryptosporidium in the Red River Watershed” Eakalak Khan
“Reducing sodification in high-risk North Dakota soils” Tom DeSutter
"Cyanobacteria bloom and collapse in an eutrophic lake" Veselina Valkov
“Surface Topography-dominated Overland Flow Modeling and Preliminary Applications.” Jun Yang
“Vegetative filter strips for controlling feedlot runoff pollution in North Dakota” Atikur Rahman