Influence of Wetlands on Flooding - Reports Available

The ND WRRI was the administrative entity for several projects concerned with the potential influence of wetlands on flooding in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. When the research was supported by the International Joint Commission Red River Task Force, North Dakota State Water Commission, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources after the 1997 flood in the Red River Valley.

The following reports can be viewed by clicking on them.

A Review of Models for Investigating the Influence of Wetlands on Flooding, M.L. Bengtson and G. Padmanabhan, November 1999.  

A Hydrologic Model for Assessing the Influence of Wetlands on Flood Hydrographs in the Red River Basin, M.L. Bengtson and G. Padmanabhan, November 1999.

An additional report entitled The Feasibility of Wetland Restoration to Reduce Flooding in the Red River Valley: A Case Study of the Maple River Watershed, North Dakota, Steven D. Shultz and Jay A. Leitch, Agribusiness & Applied Economics Report No. 432a, October 2001.