2000 Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The Institute promotes the education and training of water resources research professionals through its fellowship program. Profiles of each graduate fellow, and summaries of her or his thesis research project, and publications from this project are accessed through the links below. Visitors are invited to contact the student, research advisor, or the Institute Director for further information on the projects.

Fellows, Projects and Advisors

Graduate Student
Project Title
Andrea F. Arruda, Ph.D. candidate, Chemistry, NDSU New Methods to Detect Chlorinated Organic Pollutants in Water Dr. Andres D. Campiglia, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, NDSU
Stuart R. Hurley, MS Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering, NDSU An Investigation of Ozone Consumption Rates and By-Product Formation at the Moorhead Water Treatment Plant Dr. Wei Lin, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, NDSU
Megan A. Jaskowiak, Ph.D. Candidate, Botany, NDSU The Periphyton in the Sheyenne River, North Dakota Dr. Marvin W. Fawley, Professor of Botany, NDSU
Rochelle Nustad, M.S., Civil Engineering, NDSU, December 2000 Determination of the Factor Causing Elevated Phosphorus Levels in a Natural Wetland and Methods for Remediation Dr. Wei Lin, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, NDSU
Paul A. Skubinna, M.S., candidate, Geology and Geological Engineering, UND Modeling the Hydrogeochemistry of Denitrification in In-Situ Microcosms in the Elk Valley Aquifer Dr. Scott F. Korom, Assistant Professor of Geological Engineering, UND
Melani L. Tescher, M.S., Biology, UND, August 2000 Analysis of Mercury in Waterfowl at Kelly's Slough Wildlife Reserve in Grand Forks, North Dakota Dr. Sally Pyle, Assistant Professor of Biology, UND
Kyle D. Zimmer, Ph.D., Zoology, NDSU, May 2001 Effects of Fathead Minnows and Drainage on Wetland Ecosystems Dr. Malcolm G. Butler, Professor of Biological Sciences, NDSU