2002 Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The Institute promotes the education and training of water resources research professionals through its fellowship program. Profiles of each graduate fellow, and summaries of her or his thesis research project, and publications from this project are accessed through the links below. Visitors are invited to contact the student, research advisor, or the Institute Director for further information on the projects. For a one-page summary of 2002 program of the Institute, click here.

Fellows, Projects and Advisors

Graduate Student
Project Title
Rahul Bajpai, M.S. Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering, NDSU A Comparative Analysis of Fargo and Moorhead Ozonation Systems Dr. Wei Lin, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, NDSU
Unal Kizil, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Agricultural and Bio Systems Engineering, NDSU Feedlot Runoff and Manure Management Modeling Dr. James Lindley, Assoc. Prof. of Ag & Bio Systems Engineering, NDSU
Megan A. Jaskowiak, Ph.D. Candidate, Botany, NDSU The Periphyton is the Sheyenne River, North Dakota Dr. Marvin W. Fawley, Professor of Civil Engineering, NDSU
Kasi Murthy, Ph.D. Candidate, Civil Engineering, NDSU Study of effectiveness of Northern Prairie Wetlands as a resource to control nutrient (Phosphorus) load to receiving water Dr. Wei Lin, Assistant Professor Civil Engineering, NDSU
Fred Ossman, M.S. Candidate, Zoology, NDSU Northern Forest Wetlands: Characteristics and Influences on Invertebrate and Amphibian Community Structure Dr. Malcolm G. Butler, Professor of Zoology, NDSU
Anthony J. Pothoff, Ph.D. Candidate, Zoology, NDSU Evaluation of walleye to suppress fathead minnow populations in Type IV & V wetlands Dr. Malcolm G. Butler, Professor of Biological Sciences, NDSU
Shannon Torrence, M.S. Candidate, NDSU Variables Influencing Habitat Use by Diving Waterbirds Foraging in the Prairie Pothole Region Dr. Malcolm G. Butler, Professor of Biological Sciences, NDSU