2012 Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The Institute promotes the education and training of water resources research professionals through its fellowship program. Profiles of each graduate fellow, and summaries of her or his  thesis research project, and publications from this project are accessed through the links below. Visitors are invited to contact the student, research advisor, or the Institute Director for further information on the projects. 

Fellows, Projects and Advisors

Graduate Student
Project Title
Alex Stalboerger,
Environmental and Conservation Sciences, NDSU
Title drain water: identification of sources and quality improvement by a constructed wetland Dr. Marinus Otte, Biologoical Sciences, Professor
Dr. Donna Jacob, Biologoica Sciences, Research Assistant Professor

Anusha Balangoda,
Civil Engineering, NDSU


Studies of Seasonal Succession of Cyanobacteria and Green algae Heinrich-Martin Impoundment, North Dakota

Dr. Wei Lin,
Civil Engineering, Associate Professor

Atikur Rahman,
Ag and Biosystem, NDSU
Vegetative Filter Strips: A Best Management Practice (BMP) for feedlot runoff pollution control in North Dakota

Dr. Shafiqur Rahman,
AES Ag & Biosystems Eng,
Assistant Prof/Waste Mgmt Eng

Hasin Shahad Munna, Civil Engineering, UND Advancing Hydrologic Simulations and Flood Frequency Analysis of Devils Lake under Climate Change Scenarios Dr. Howe Lim,
Civil Engineering,
Associate Professor
Jun Yang,
Civil Engineering, NDSU
Toward Understanding the Hydrologic Processes on Topographic Surface with Depressions - Development of a Physical-base Distributed Puddle-to-Puddle (P2P) Hydrologic Model Dr. Xuefeng Chu,
Civil Engineering
Assistant Professor
Justin Fisher,
Biological Sciences, NDSU
Integrating life stage habitat into landscape genetics model for the conservation of a declining amphibian species Dr. Craig Stockwell, Biological Sciences,
Associate Professor
Kate Overmoe-Kenninger,
Earth System Science and Policy, UND
Assessment of Water Quality in Devils Lake using Satellite Imagery Dr. Xiaodong Zhang,
Earth System Science & Policy,
Associate Professor
Katrin Chambers,
Soil Sciences, NDSU
Quantifying Estrogens Bound to Soil and Manure Colloids and Assessing Their Bioavailability Dr. Frank Casey,
AES School of Nat Res Sciences
Interim Chr/ABEN/Int Dir Sch NR
Leslee Storlie,
Envl Engineering, NDSU
Investigation of Bromate Formation in Ozone Disinfection Systems through Comprehensive Sampling, Water Quality Analysis, and Model Simulation Dr. Wei Lin,
Civil Engineering,
Associate Professor
Michael Quamme,
Envl Engineering, NDSU
Selenium Removal from Surface and Groundwater Using Iron Nanoparticles Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah, Civil Engineering,
Assistant Professor
Tanush Wadhawan,
Civil Engineering, NDSU
Role of Agricultural Drainage on Transport of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in North Dakota Dr. Eakalak Khan,
Civil Engineering, Chair and Professor,
and Dr. John McEvoy,
AES Vet & Micro Sci,
Assistant Professor
Veselina Valkov,
Civil Engineering, NDSU
Temporal-spatial Distribution (Dynamics) of Phytoplankton and Diversity in Relation to Lake Physical and Chemical Condition Dr. Wei Lin,
Civil Engineering,
Associate Professor
Xuelian Bai,
Soil Science, NDSU
Sorption, Degradation, and Mobility of 17ß-Estradiol-17Sulfate in Agricultural Soils Dr. Francis Casey,
AES School of Nat Res Sciences,
Interim Chr/ABEN/Int Dir Sch NR