2014 Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The Institute promotes the education and training of water resources research professionals through its fellowship program. Profiles of each graduate fellow, and summaries of her or his  thesis research project, and publications from this project are accessed through the links below. Visitors are invited to contact the student, research advisor, or the Institute Director for further information on the projects. 

Fellows, Projects and Advisors

Graduate Student
Project Title
Dasuni Arachchige
Geography, UND
Flash Flood Potential Mapping Using GIS and Flash Flood Potential Index (FFPI) in Turtle River and Forest River Watersheds, North Dakota Gregory Vandeberg
Abbie Beaudry
Civil Engineering, UND
Nutrient Loading Reduction and Water Quality of Best Management Practices in Grand Forks, North Dakota Howe Lim
Derrick Deering
Civil Engineering, UND
Three Dimensional Analyses of Flow Dynamics & Chlorination of Ground Water Supply Reservoir in a Cold Region

Howe Lim

Heather Dose
Soil Science, NDSU
Where is fertilizer nitrogen going, up in smoke or down the pipe? An assessment of nitrogen transformations and water quality impacts on a tile drained sodic soil Ann Marie Fortuna
Prosper Gbolo
Geology and Geologic Engineering, UND
Quantifying Phosphorus Cycling and Fate within an Abandoned Feedlot Phillip Gerla
Noah Habtezion
Civil and Environmental Engineering, NDSU

Quantification of Spatio-temporal Distribution of Surface Ponding and the Related Dynamic Processes

Xuefeng Chu
Yangbo He
Soil Science, NDSU
Sodic soil characterization and management on subsurface drainage Thomas DeSutter
Mohammad Hossain
Civil and Environmental Engineering, NDSU
Biopolymers for Phosphate Removal from Eutrophic Lakes Achintya Bezbaruah
Kelsey Kolars
Ag and Biosystems Engineering, NDSU
Development of a Model for Subsurface Drainage and Subirrigation Water Management Xinhua Jia
Navaratnam Leelaruban
Civil and Environmental Engineering, NDSU
A Study of the Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Drought and its Impact in North Dakota G. Padmanabhan
Debjit Roy
Ag and Biosystems Engineering, NDSU
Snowmelt water infiltration into frozen soil in Red River of the North Basin Xinhua Jia
Jingyi Sun
Ag and Biosystems Engineering, NDSU
Evaluation of Bioavailable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Using Various Algal Species Halis Simsek
Mitchell Swanson
Civil and Environmental Engineering, NDSU
The Role of Algal Species on Phosphorus Bioavailability Eakalak Khan
Anthony Wamono
Ag and Biosystems Engineering, NDSU
Effects of Calcium Based Surface Amendments on the Hydraulic Conductivity and Selected Physical Properties of Subsurface Drained Sodic-Saline Soils Dean Steele
Lucas Wandrie
Biological Sciences, NDSU
Bird-mediated Transport of Toxic Heavy Metals and Selenium From Marine and Terrestrial Sources to Freshwater Wetlands in North Dakota Wendy Reed