FY 1993-1997 Research Projects

Valuing Prairie Potholes: Five Case Studies
J.A. Leitch, NDSU
Impacts of Displaced Wind Erosion Sediments on Surface Water Quality in Eastern North Dakota
L.J. Cihacek, NDSU
Wetland Hydrology of Minelands in West Central North Dakota
J.L. Richardson, NDSU
Tilotta, D.C. Development and Applications of a Fiber-Optic Remote Sensing System for the Determination of Organic Contaminants in Water
D.C. Tilotta, UND
Benthic Macroinvertebrates as Biological Indicator in North Dakota Lakes
M.G. Butler, NDSU
Phytoplankton Communities Associated with Elevated Oxygen Levels Under the Ice in Shallow North Dakota Lakes
M.W. Fawley, NDSU
Long-term Ecological Studies of Created Wetlands in North Dakota
R.D. Crawford, UND
Evaluation of Water Quality Impact Caused by Winter Wastewater Discharges into the Red River
C. Moretti, UND
Development of a Simple and Rapid Technique for Identification of Organisms Important to Water Quality
M.W. Fawley, NDSU
Influences of Fathead Minnows on Nutrient Partitioning, Water Clarity, and Ecosystem Structure in Prairie Wetlands
M.G. Butler, NDSU

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