Rick Thalacker

Rick Thalacker is a Master of Science student in Geography at the University of North Dakota.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Land Use with a Geology emphasis and GIS certification from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  This research is focused on 3-D mapping techniques for soil channelization in agricultural fields using digital camera LiDAR and Structure from Motion (SfM) techniques and GIS.

Email: rick.thalacker@my.und.edu
Phone: 720-371-2095 

3D mapping techniques for soil channelization in agricultural fields using Aerial and digital camera LiDAR and GIS

Fellow: Rick J Thalacker

Advisor: Gregory S. Vandeberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Geography, University of North Dakota.

Degree Progress: M.S. in Geography expected graduation in spring 2014.


Project Objectives:


The applicant is in his second semester of graduate research currently working on software models to be used with field-based data.

Anticipated results and benefits:

Stream Power Index’s (SPI’s) created from Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) will be produced to identify potential critical erosion areas adjacent to the Turtle and Forest Rivers above Larimore and Fordville dams. As part of this study, the models produced from the airborne vs. digital camera LiDAR will be compared. SPI’s at or above critical erosion levels can be used to target precision conservation in individual fields adjacent to the Turtle and Forest Rivers. This information can be used by landowners, the local Soil Conservation District as well as the Red River Resource Conservation and Development Council. A comparison between the airborne LiDAR and digital camera LiDAR will help to determine the viability of using digital camera LiDAR for applications such as this. The results of this research will be submitted to a journal such as Catena or the Journal of Environmental Quality.


Physical Model Studies of Scour Holes Below Singular and Multiple Step Rock Weirs

Gregory S. Vandeberg, Ph.D.


Gregory S. Vandeberg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Graduate Director
Department of Geography
O'Kelly-Ireland Hall Room 161
University of North Dakota
221 Centennial Drive Stop 9020
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9020
(701) 777-4588