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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
Dissertation: Characterization, Long-term Evaluation and Thermo-mechanical Properties of Untreated and Treated Flax Fiber-Reinforced Composites

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND
Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Fatigue Behavior of Carbon Fiber Composites Using Fully-Reversed Four-Point Bending Test

B.SC, Mechanical Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Dr. Ali Amiri

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Associate Professor of Practice

Department of Mechanical Engineering




Mechanical engineering associate professor of practice receives Peltier Innovation in Teaching Award

Ali Amiri, associate professor of practice in the mechanical engineering department, has been selected for NDSU’s prestigious Peltier Innovation in Teaching Award.

The Peltier Award for Teaching Innovation was established with the NDSU Development Foundation by Joseph and Norma Peltier to recognize outstanding innovation in teaching.  The ideal candidate for the award would be an outstanding educator whose innovative teaching techniques have contributed to enhancing the educational experience of students at North Dakota State University.Read More



Mechanical engineering assistant professor of practice receives Odney Excellence in Teaching Award

Ali Amiri, assistant professor of practice in the mechanical engineering department, has been selected for NDSU’s prestigious Odney Excellence in Teaching Award.

The honor, which is sponsored by the NDSU Foundation, recognizes outstanding faculty teaching. Candidates are nominated by students, and recipients are chosen by the Faculty Awards and Recognition Committee.

"He excites an interest in any of the diverse subjects he teaches by presenting material in a clear and organized manner, creating assignments that are challenging yet fulfilling to complete and by creating a positive atmosphere of learning,” said Carter Eisinger, who was among 15 students who nominated Amiri.

“He is an amazing teacher who is always willing to work with his students. His lectures and way of teaching is interesting and I believe it helps students to develop interest in the class and participate,” said student Ali Janjua.

“Dr. Amiri has a true passion for his subject and he shows it in his teaching,” said student Lindsey Prestholdt. “He also constantly challenges his students through high, but fair, expectations. He excels in all areas, including presentations, diction, explanation of the topic, clear guidelines, addressing students concerns and understanding of the topic. I can easily say he has been the best professor I have had in my three years at NDSU.”Read More



Inspiring Teacher: Ali Amiri, assistant professor of practice in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ali Amiri is often described as “my favorite instructor” in student evaluations. Known for his passion for his subject and his dedication to students, Amiri recently was recognized with College of Engineering Early Career Excellence in Teaching Award.

He teaches a variety of courses, ranging from Engineering Mechanics to Product Design and Development to Fundamentals of Visual Communication for Engineers. He also coordinates the senior design projects for the department. Read More



College of Engineering faculty recognized for excellence in teaching

The 2020 Early Career Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Ali Amiri, assistant professor of practice of in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Since joining NDSU in 2017 with a primary teaching appointment, Amiri has taught a variety of classes, ranging from freshman-level service courses to upper-level capstone courses.

“Dr. Amiri has emerged as an outstanding instructor and passionate mentor who is greatly appreciated by the students in his classes,” said Alan Kallmeyer, professor and chair of mechanical engineering. “Many students have commented that he is their favorite instructor at NDSU, an impressive accomplishment for an early-career teacher.” Read More



Parker Sebens gets NDSU-engineered kayak for summer

FARGO — At North Dakota State University on Monday, April 24, a group of NDSU mechanical engineering students used a swimming pool to test a new tool for Parker Sebens.

The project started in the fall of 2022 when Scheels in Fargo donated a kayak so that NDSU mechanical engineering students could use it for a massive senior project which got tested and unveiled on Monday.

A student's grandparent's garage became the headquarters for turning an ordinary kayak into an amazing dream machine for 26-year old Sebens, who 23 years ago, lost his arms in a farm accident. He was just 3.

He has adjusted to many daily life challenges, including marriage and two kids. But kayaking at the lake in the summer, one of his favorite activities, has been limited until Monday.

The NDSU mechanical engineering students tested ou

Read More



Engineering Students Design a Custom Wheelchair

At NDSU you can learn as you help others.

That was the goal of an extraordinary senior design by recent NDSU graduates Krystal Jamison, Ashley Jacobson, Amber Younggren and Sonny Bawi.

A friend of theirs had complaints about her wheelchair – it didn’t match her body shape, the design wasn’t right for her active lifestyle and it cost about $20,000.

So the mechanical engineering majors went to work to design a new and very improved model.

“With this chair that we built for her, it’s customized to her physical dimensions, her daily use and needs and cost around $2,000,” Jamison said. “The best part is that our friend got a say in the design of her wheelchair; it’s much stronger and resistant to wear than her old wheelchair, and she did not have to pay anything for this chair.”

That’s because the Department of Mechanical Engineering not only approved the senior project, it agreed to fund it. Faculty adviser Ali Amiri, assistant professor of practice, enthusiastically offered his support.

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Engineering to help the environment

Like any aspiring professional, Abigail Henderson wants to make a difference in her career. In doing so, she hopes to help the environment.

Henderson, one of the rising generation’s forward-thinking individuals, wants to create eco-friendly materials for a progressive company. Her path to get to that point: graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in coatings and polymeric materials from North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D.

She said she appreciates what she has learned – and continues to learn – at the school and the care and forethought of her instructors.

“They really care about students and the success of students,” she said. “Specifically, Dr. (Ali) Amiri in the mechanical engineering department. … He's been able to connect me with different opportunities to learn and grow in ways outside of the classroom.” Read More



NDSU Invention could save natural disaster victims

A group of college engineering students designed a box that can deliver supplies to natural disaster victims. It's called Dazzle Box and could save lives. It comes in a unique shape and colorful camouflage that makes the container stand out in any situation. It also won this year's 3M Disruptive Design Challenge!





Innovation Challenge

CSMS participants competed in the Agriculture track at NDSU’s Innovation Challenge 2017 and placed…

Two participants with the Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS), PhD Graduate student Ali Amiri, and Master’s student Victoria Burkart – along with Britt Helten, a Master’s student also doing research on sustainability – presented their innovative idea ‘Sustainable Sporting Goods’ at this year’s Innovation Challenge at NDSU and placed 2nd in the Agricultural track! 

NDSU Proves the Sky is the Limit in 3M Disruptive Design Challenge

 ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Engineering students from North Dakota State University beat out three other teams to claim bragging rights as the first-ever 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Disruptive Design Challenge winner. Other participating colleges included Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The event took place at 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., on Friday, April 13, 2018.

ND Students Win 3M's 'Disruptive Design Challenge'

The winning team’s container survived a simulated scenario inspired by real-world events from not-for-profit humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief, in which medical supplies are delivered via airdrop.


3M Awards NDSU Engineering Students Top Prize in Disruptive Design Challenge

A team of students from North Dakota State University took the top prize last week at 3M’s Disruptive Design Challenge in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Disruptive Design Challenge was developed to expose and educate the next generation of innovative engineers of the various uses and design benefits of chemical bonding and adhesive solutions. While these practices are widely used in real-world applications, they are not frequently taught in the classrooms of engineering programs. 3M wants to help close this gap and provide future engineers with the skills and opportunities to make products and processes better by connecting science and technology to ideas. Chemical bonding and adhesive solutions can help solve many design challenges including strength, fit, flex, impact, aesthetics, noise, weight, speed and assembly. The Design Challenge was a hands-on, interactive opportunity for future engineers to put their skills and creativity to the test in a real-life simulation.


NDSU Engineering Team Wins 3M’s Disruptive Design Challenge

College students demonstrated their “stick-to-it-iveness” at a recent competition in St. Paul, MN.

Four universities—Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Madison and North Dakota State University (NDSU)—competed in the inaugural 3M Industrial Adhesives and TapesDisruptive Design Challenge (DDC) at 3M’s headquarters (St. Paul, MN), Friday, April 13. The engineering students from North Dakota State University won the competition, becoming the first-ever 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes DDC winner.

North Dakota State University engineering team wins the Disruptive Design Challenge. The engineering team is pictured here with the Dazzle Box they designed. Photo Credit: Rick Allen

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