Peltier Innovation in Teaching Award

The nomination deadline is January 28, 2022.

The Peltier Award for Teaching Innovation was established with the NDSU Development Foundation by Joseph and Norma Peltier to recognize outstanding innovation in teaching.  The ideal candidate for the award would be an outstanding educator whose innovative teaching techniques have contributed to enhancing the educational experience of students at North Dakota State University.

Thanks to a generous donation, this year three Peltier awards will be given to faculty.

To nominate a faculty member for this award, submit a nomination letter (of no more than two pages) addressing the criteria, and three-page CV to Canan Bilen-Green.

Recipients of these awards are expected to be NDSU employees at the time of the Celebration of Faculty Excellence ceremony. The holder of an Engberg, Hogoboom, and Gehrts Professorships must be a current member of the NDSU faculty to be able to use funds associated with these professorships.


Peltier Award Recipients

2020-2021       Kimberly Booth, Clayton Hilmert, Jeremy Jackson
2019-2020       Ben Balas, Jenny Linker, and Carrie Ann Platt
2018-2019       Mila Kryjevskaia and Jake Glower
2017-2018       Kelly Sassi and Jennifer Momsen
2016-2017       Angela Hodgson
2015-2016       Cheryl Wachenheim
2014-2015       Rajani Ganesh Pillai
2013-2014       William Wilson
2012-2013       Andrew Mara
2011-2012       Sivaguru Jayaraman
2010-2011       Dean Knudson
2009-2010       Jeanne Frenzel
2008-2009       Herbert Snyder
2007-2008       Kalpana Katti
2005-2006       Eric DeVuyst
2004-2005       Edward Deckard
2003-2004       Brian Slator
2002-2003       Charles McIntyre
2001-2002       Thomas Buckhoff
2000-2001       Donald Schwert
1999-2000       Sudhir Mehta
1998-1999       Tom Isern
1997-1998       Phillip McClean

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