Faculty Lectureship Award

See below to view list of previous awardees and their lecture.

The nomination deadline for 2023-24 academic year is December 8, 2023.

The Faculty Lectureship, one of the oldest and most prestigious of the University’s awards, recognizes sustained professional excellence in teaching, scholarly achievement, and service among current faculty at NDSU. The Faculty Lectureship is conferred on an individual who has demonstrated excellence in all three areas.

To nominate a faculty member for this award, submit a nomination letter (of no more than two pages) addressing the criteria, and three-page CV by email to NDSU Provost.

Following the committee’s examination of the cover letter and vitae, the committee may request additional materials such as teaching evaluations or other specific evidence of excellence. 

Criteria for Evaluating Nominees for the Faculty Lectureship

Examples of evidence of excellence in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service are provided here:

Teaching. Evidence of excellence in teaching may be demonstrated by:

  • Sustained record of teaching of undergraduate or graduate students or professional teaching
  • Possession of a local, regional, national, or international reputation of teaching or recognition of teaching excellence; teaching awards
  • Contributions to the curriculum in the creation or new courses or new pedagogical methods
  • Contributions to the home department in service courses or specialty courses; number of undergraduate and graduate advisees; number of graduate students (master’s and doctoral)
  • Presentations or publications on pedagogy; grants for teaching or curriculum development
  • Evidence of ability to present in a public forum

Scholarship, Research, Creative Activity.  Evidence of excellence in this category may be demonstrated by:

  • Peer reviewed publications in scholarly presses or journals or documented success in creative activity
  • Professional presentations, invited essays, talks, or performances
  • Local, regional, national, or international recognition of scholarly excellence; awards for scholarship or creative activity
  • Grants applied for, grants received [note percentage of responsibility for grant implementation], participation in review panels, editorial boards

Service.  Evidence of excellence in service may be demonstrated by:

  • Leadership in campus positions and professional organizations
  • Service on campus committees and to professional organizations
  • Local, regional, national, or international public service
  • Service awards

Faculty Lectureship Recipients

2024 Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah    Video of Lecture
2023Dr. Cheryl Wachenheim  Video of Lecture
Dr. Paul Carson       Video of Lecture
2021Dr. William Wilson    Video of Lecture
2020Dr. Dinesh Katti   Video of Lecture 
2019Dr. Chad Ulven     video of lecture
2018Dr. Thomas Ambrosio    
2017Dr. Bruce Maylath   video of lecture
2016         Dr. Ann Burnett     video of lecture
2015Dr. Verlin Hinsz
2014No Award
2013Dr. Jo Ann Miller
2012No Award
2011Dr. Kalpana Katti
2010No Award
2009Dr. Lawrence P. Reynolds
2008Dr. Mark Harvey
2007Dr. Mark Sheridan
2006Dr. Daniel Ewert
2005Dr. Donald Schwert
2004Dr. Richard Rathge
2003Dr. Won Koo
2002Dr. Sudhir Mehta
2001Dr. Jimmie Richardson
2000Dr. Chung S. Park
1999Dr. James W. Grier
1998Dr. David B. Danbom
1997Dr. Allan C. Ashworth
1996Dr. Jay A. Leitch
1995Dr. Gregory D. Gillispie
1994Dr. Ruth Maki
1993No Award
1992Dr. Gregory J. McCarthy
1991Dr. Joy Query
1990Dr. Kevin McCaul
1989No Award
1987Dr. Mark Gordon
1986Dr. Harold Klosterman
1985Dr. Phillip Boudjouk and Dr. Thor Hertsgaard
1984Dr. Shoukry Khalil
1983Dr. I. A. Schipper
1982Dr. Catherine Cater
1981Richard Witz
1980Dr. William Shelver
1979Emily Reynolds
1978Dr. Jack Carter
1977Dr. Patricia Murphy
1976Edwin Anderson
1975Dr. Frederick Taylor
1974Dr. Jerry Sell
1973Dr. John Brophy
1972W. J. Promersberger
1971Dr. Corwin Roach
1970Dr. Mavis Nymon
1969Dr. Alfred Rheineck
1968Shubel Owen
1967Dr. Muriel Vincent
1966Dr. William Dinusson
1965Dr. Glenn Smith
1964Dr. Fred Walsh
1963Dr. Francis Schoff
1962Dr. Enoch Norum
1961Dr. E. R. Moir
1960Glenn Hill
1959Dr. G. W. Comita
1958Dr. Ralph Dunbar
1957Dr. Warren Whitman
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