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New Faculty Information and Resources

Welcome to North Dakota State University; widely known as a student-focused, land-grant, research university. We are excited to welcome you as a member of our faculty, and to assist you in your development and success here. On this page you will find information on new faculty orientation and events, mentoring, video welcomes and overviews, and resources for teaching and research support.

Virtual tour. If you have not had time to explore campus yet, you can take a virtual tour of our campus. If you need help finding buildings and getting around, our campus map is a useful resource.

History of NDSU. NDSU Archives provides a historical timeline, with pictures and narrative, of the establishment of the North Dakota Agricultural College and many historical events through 2015. You may also view presentation slides on NDSU's history that were delivered by Emeritus Associate Dean and Professor David Buchanan.

What it means that NDSU is a land grant institution. Presentation by Dr. David Buchanan, Emeritus Associate Dean and Professor, College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources.

Strategic plan. NDSU community prioritized and values diversity and inclusion. We take collective responsibility for ensuring a sense of belonging, respect, and justice that supports each person and is reflected throughout our strategic plan. For additional information on diversity and inclusion at NDSU, please visit our inclusion webpage.

Faculty Snapshot.  Learn more about the faculty and leadership at NDSU through this snapshot of data.

Campus news. Recent campus activities and news are available on our campus news website.

Resources for faculty. This web page provides numerous resources to help you navigate and succeed on campus, including resources for teaching, advising, research, policies, work-life, development and awards, libraries, IT services, and other university resources.

Training. To help you prepare, don’t forget to take your required trainings. Visit the link for a list of required trainings, including those for specialty areas and several optional trainings to help you succeed.

Work-Life Satisfaction. This brochure provides information on policies, benefits, and resources that are designed to address personal and family needs and circumstances, as well as professional development and academic needs.

NCFDDNDSU is a member of the NCFDD which provides several resources and support systems for teaching, writing, and helping faculty succeed. To activate your account, visit the website, select NDSU, and follow the prompts.

Information about benefits can be found on the website or contact the Human Resource office directly.

Professional Photo. We will be including information about you in our new faculty directory and would like to include your photo. You will also be able to use this on your department or personal website and elsewhere throughout your career. Please visit the Publication Services website to learn more about when you can have your photo taken. We will also have an opportunity for you to take one during the Annual Faculty and Staff Conference. The link to register for that will be sent to you.

If you would like to learn more about the Fargo area, visit our Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center. If you would like to learn about things to do in the area, visit Things to Do.

New Faculty Orientation & Events

New Faculty Orientation

Save the date for New Faculty Orientation, Wednesday, August 21, 2024.
This conference is intended for faculty that have started at NDSU since last year’s conferences.

New Faculty Events

Please visit the new events page to find opportunities to connect and learn with colleagues.

To see information on previous events, visit the new faculty previous events page.


If you have any questions regarding these events or resources, please contact:
Julie Nash, (701) 231-6653, julie.nash@ndsu.edu
Angela Fowler, (701) 231-7150angela.fowler@ndsu.edu

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