Chamber of Commerce NDSU Distinguished Faculty Service Award

The nomination deadline was February 23, 2024.

The Chamber of Commerce NDSU Distinguished Faculty Service Award award has been designed to recognize NDSU faculty members who have attained distinction in their profession.

In evaluating nominees for this high honor, the committee will especially focus on the nominee's substantial service contributions to the community and the region, in addition to their achievement as scholars, teachers, and/or artists during their time at NDSU. Such service activities may be in the form of active participation or leadership in volunteer organizations that serve the community and the region, or activities that directly benefit the community. (See for a list of further examples of community service.) 

To nominate a faculty member for this award, submit a nomination letter (of no more than two pages) addressing the criteria, letters of support (no more than two letters), and three-page CV by email to NDSU Provost.

Recipients of these awards are expected to be NDSU employees at the time of the Celebration of Faculty Excellence ceremony. 

Chamber of Commerce NDSU Distinguished Faculty Service Award Recipients

2023Lisa Montplaisir, biological sciences
2022Kambiz Farahmand, industrial and manufacturing engineering
2021Elizabeth Skoy, pharmacy practice
2020     Nicholas Bauroth, political science
2019Julie Garden-Robinson, health, nutrition, and exercise sciences 
2018Alan Kallmeyer, mechanical engineering
2017Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, plant sciences
2016Kendall E. Nygard, computer science
2015     Kevin Brooks, english
2014Mukund Sibi, chemistry
2013Carol Archbold, criminal justice and political science
2012Robert Nielsen, education
2011Herbert Snyder, accounting and information systems
2010Dennis Cooley, philosophy
2009Robert Littlefield, communication
2008William Perrizo, computer science
2007Donald Schwert, geosciences
2006No award given
2005Kevin McCaul, psychology
2004No award given
2003Won Koo, agribusiness and applied economics
2002No award given
2001Ray Miltenberger, psychology
2000Tom Isern, history
1999No award given
1998Will Bleier, zoology
1997No award given
1996Jay Leitch, agricultural economics
1995Gregory McCarthy, chemistry
1994Larry Leistritz, agricultural economics
1993James Grier, zoology
1992John Enderle, electrical engineering
1991James Tilton, animal and range sciences
1990David Danbom, history
1989Allan Ashworth, geosciences
1988Harriett Light, child development and family science
1987Mark Gordon, chemistry
1986Karl Lucken, agronomy
1985Philip Boudjouk, chemistry
1984Bert DAppolonia, cereal science and food technology
1983No award given
1982Ithel A. Schipper, veterinary science
1981Zeno Wicks, polymers and coatings
1980Gabriel W. Comita, zoology
1979John Nalewaja, agronomy
1978S. S. Mann, agronomy
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