Odney Excellence in Teaching Award

The nomination deadline is January 26, 2024.

The Odney Award was established with the NDSU Development Foundation by the family of the late Robert Odney to recognize outstanding faculty teaching. The ideal candidate for the award would be one who stimulates continuing interest in the subject matter; presents course material in a clear and suitable manner; demands rigorous thought and generates enthusiastic responses from students; demonstrates distinctive competence in his or her field; and has made positive contributions to the educational experience of students at North Dakota State University. The selection will be made from a pool of nominations by students and submitted to Faculty Affairs/Office of the Provost.

To nominate a faculty member for this award, submit applications through the online submission form or by email to NDSU Provost. Finalists will be asked to provide a CV and a letter explaining their teaching philosophy and detailing their teaching activities for the Faculty and Recognition Awards Committee to review.

Odney Nomination Form

Odney Award Recipients

2023       Sangita Sinha
2022       Jeanne Frenzel
2021       Ali Amiri
2020       Indranil SenGupta
2019       Dena Wyum
2018       Amy Stichman
2017       Emily D. Wicktor
2016       Clifford A. Hall III
2015       Adnan Akyüz
2014       David Herda
2013       Elizabeth Birmingham
2012       Yeong Rhee
2011       Greg Cook
2010       James Clifton
2009       Christina Weber
2008       Eakalak Khan
2007       Dogan Comez
2006       Mark Nawrot
2005       Gerald Anderson
2004       James Coykendall
2003       Isaac Kornfeld
2002       Charles McIntyre
2001       Edward Deckard
2000       Curtis Amlund
1999       Lisa Nolan
1998       Robert O'Connor
1997       No award
1996       Dean Whited
1995       Margie Hansen
1994       Jane Kegel
1993       Eugene Berry
1992       Don Schwert
1991       Ruth Maki
1990       Dick Hanson
1989       Christian Oseto
1988       Bob Longhenry
1987       Patricia Corwin
1986       Donald Scoby
1985       Beverly Baldwin
1984       Gordon Erlandson
1983       Gary Clambey
1982       Mary Bromel
1981       Dick Reopelle
1980       Doris Hertsgaard
1979       Cal Messersmith
1978       Jeanette Dittman
1977       Lloyd Olson
1976       Catherine Cater
1975       Fred Eisele
1974       Gabe Comita
1973       Jim Ubbelohde
1972       Pat Beatty

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