About Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs welcomes and orients new faculty to NDSU; serves as a central resource for information about faculty and faculty policies; oversees faculty appointments and promotion and tenure processes; assists deans, department chairs with searches, hiring, retention, and advancement; coordinates faculty development programs across campus; assists faculty with grievances; offers programs to orient new academic administrators and improve their leadership skills; facilitates nomination and selection process for faculty awards; ensures compliance with University's affirmative action plan; and works with departments, colleges, and other offices to enhance faculty work-life climate satisfaction and diversity.

The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Equity, Dr. Canan Bilen-Green, works closely with the Provost in areas including faculty policies, recruitment, development, leadership training, promotion and tenure, executive searches, and other issues related to faculty and their concerns.  Dr. Bilen-Green also oversees the following areas:

Dr. Bilen-Green serves as the Title IX/ADA Coordinator, and chair of the Senate Coordinating Council  and  Faculty Awards and Recognition Committee.

Dr. Bilen-Green, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Equity, Fall 2017 Self Assessment Report  and  Administrative Review

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