Including U:

Discussions on Diverse Experiences and Identities in Higher Education

Including U is a conversation series open to the NDSU community that focuses on a diverse range of experiences and identities in Higher Education. These sessions are held from Noon to 1 pm via Zoom [Zoom link] the dates listed below.

The MISSION of Including U is:

  • To develop community among staff, students, and faculty through dialogue, learning, and mutual visioning
  • To engage people around campus in consideration of various experiences and identities in Higher Education, particularly those which may be underrepresented
  • To provide information from experts in a topic as an introduction to certain lived realities in our campus or local community
  • To shed light on present efforts to work towards inclusion related to the topic presented 
  • To spark dialogue about challenges, ideas, concerns, and hopes regarding the development of inclusive practices at NDSU

Participants are encouraged to enjoy their lunch during the discussions. Each session hosts experts from the local community and NDSU to present on a particular topic and invite dialogue. If you have an interest in being part of these panels or have an idea for a future topic, please contact Julie Nash


September 12
Connecting with Our Community

October 10
Indigenous Perspectives

November 14
Veteran Perspectives

December 5

January 16

February 13
Black Lives on Campus

March 20

April 10
Being LGBTQ on Campus

May 8


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