Endowed Professorships

The nomination deadline is October 27, 2023 for Walter F. and Verna Gehrts Presidential Professorship.

The nomination deadline is October 25, 2024 for Presidential Professorships.

Endowed Professorships are awarded to faculty members who have attained a balanced academic record demonstrating excellence in teaching, research, and service. Recipients of these awards are expected to be NDSU employees at the time of the Celebration of Faculty Excellence ceremony. The holder of an Engberg, Hogoboom, and Gehrts Professorships must be a current member of the NDSU faculty to be able to use funds associated with these professorships.

To nominate a faculty member for an endowed professorship, submit a nomination letter (of no more than two pages) addressing the criteria, and three-page CV by email to NDSU Provost.

Jordan A. Engberg Presidential Professorship (“Engberg Professorship”)
Criteria:  Awarded to a faculty at the rank of Professor with at least 8 years of service to NDSU.  

Dale Hogoboom Presidential Professorship (“Hogoboom Professorship”) 
Criteria:  Awarded to a faculty at the rank of Professor with at least 8 years of service to NDSU.  

Walter F. and Verna Gehrts Presidential Professorship (“Gehrts Professorship”)
Criteria:  Awarded to a faculty at the rank of Associate Professor with at least 5 years of service to NDSU. 

Endowed Professorship Recipients

Enberg - Marisol Berti, Plant Sciences
Gehrts - Jessica Jensen, Emergency Management
Hogoboom - Sanku Mallik, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Enberg - Cheryl Wachenheim, Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Gehrts - Ying Huang, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hogoboom - Verlin Hinsz, Psychology

Engberg - Sangita Sinha, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gehrts - Achintya Bezbaruah, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hogoboom - Anna Grazul-Bilska, Animal Sciences

Engberg - Kimberly Vonnahme, Animal Sciences
Gehrts - Chad Ulven, Mechanical Engineering
Hogoboom - Michael Robinson, Psychology

Engberg - Dinesh Katti, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gehrts - Carol Archbold, Criminal Justice and Political Science
Hogoboom - Dale Redmer, Animal Sciences

Engberg - Joel Caton, Animal Sciences
Gehrts - Victoria Gelling, Coatings and Polymeric Materials
Hogoboom - Ross Collins, Communication

Engberg - Charlene Wolf-Hall, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences
Gehrts - Wenfang Sun, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hogoboom - Canan Bilen-Green, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Engberg - Mark Sheridan, Biological Sciences
Gehrts - Mark Meister, Communications
Hogoboom - Mark McCourt, Psychology

Engberg – William Bleier, Biological Sciences
Gehrts – Gregory Cook, Chemistry
Hogoboom – Thomas Isern, History

Engberg – Raymond Miltenberger, Psychology
Gehrts – Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat, Geosciences
Hogoboom – Mukund Sibi, Chemistry

Engberg – Mukund Sibi, Chemistry
Gehrts – Ann Burnett, Communication and Women’s Studies
Hogoboom – Marty Marchello, Animal and Range Sciences

Engberg – William Perrizo, Computer Science
Gehrts – Lisa Nolan, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences
Hogoboom – Kevin McCaul, Science and Mathematics

Engberg – Phil Boudjouk, Chemistry
Gehrts – David Rider, Entomology

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