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Development of A Novel Thermochemical Adsorption Material Using Additive Manufacturing

In collaboration with Dr. Adam Gladen (ME-NDSU)

Develop a novel, high energy-density, thermal energy storage system for space exploration and seasonal thermal storage on Earth

Supported by: NASA- ND EPSCoR

Status: In Progress

Mitigating Pipeline Corrosion using Smart Coating System 

In collaboration with Dr. Ying Huang (CEE-NDSU)

Corrosion Prevention in oil and gas pipelines using an intelligent protective coating 

Supported by:  US Department of Transportation (DOT)-PHMSA (CAAP FY15)

Status: In Progress

A New Design to Improve Life Expectancy of Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) 

In collaboration with Dr. Chad Ulven (ME-NDSU) & Dr. Jared Aelony, DPM (Essentia Health)

Post-Doc: Dr. Mehdi Salimi Jazi

Investigate the performance and properties of new developed TAR.

Supported by:  ND Department of Commerce

Status: Completed

Switchable Adhesives

In collaboration with Dr. Andrew Croll (Physics-NDSU)

Post-Doc: Dr. Nassibeh Hosseini

Investigate the compliance to control adhesive force capacity.

Supported by:  ND Department of Commerce

Status: Completed

Self-sensing Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Prevention

In collaboration with Dr. Ying Huang (CEE-NDSU)

Design and development of composite sensors by application of thermal spraying technique. 

Supported by: US Department of Transportation (DOT)-PHA 30

Status: Completed

Multilayer Insulation for Spacecraft Structures

In collaboration with Dr. Ying Huang (CEE-NDSU)

Composite insulation for advanced performance monitoring system of spacecrafts.  

Supported by: NASA- ND EPSCoR

Status: Completed

 Ceramic Coatings for Automotive Industry

In collaboration with Drs. Annie Tangpong (ME-NDSU) & Yechun Wang (ME-NDSU)

Materials selection, design, fabrication, characterization and testing of ceramic coatings.

Supported by: Ford Motor Company

Status: Completed

Image-Based Thermo-mechanical Characterization of the Thermal Spray Coatings

In collaboration with Dr. G. Karami

Development of an enhanced micromechanics-based microstructural FEM tool to characterize three-dimensional volume elements (RVEs) of the coatings.

Supported by: NASA- ND EPSCoR

Status: Phase (I): Completed Spring 204

     Phase (II): Completed Fall 2015

High Temperature Corrosion Measurement

In collaboration with Dr. Vicki Gelling (CPM-NDSU), Dr. Chad Ulven (ME-NDSU)

Design and development of high temperature corrosion measurement device.

Supported by: Boeing Research and Technology

Status: Completed

Investigation on Laser Cladding Components

In collaboration with Dr. Battocchi (CPM-NDSU), and R. Sailer (ME-NDSU)

Characterization and mechanical testing of steel components made by laser cladding.


Status: Completed

Blast Pressure Gradients and Fragments on Ballistic Helmets and the Head and Brain Injury-Simultaneous Multiscale Modeling with Experimental Validation

In collaboration with Drs. G. Karami and M. Ziejewsky (ME-NDSU)

A multiscale computational-experimental study to model the human head and brain in an effort to address the level of brain injury under the impacts due to blast loading and ballistic fragments.

Supported by: US Department of Defense- DOD-ARO

Status: Completed

Design of Lightweight Composites

In collaboration with Dr. Chad Ulven (ME-NDSU)

Design, fabrication, and testing of light weight composite structures.

Supported by: SpaceAge Synthetics/US Navy Federal Appropriated Funding

Status: Completed

High Temperature Alloys

Experimental investigation on physical, mechanical, and microstructural properties of superalloys.

Status: Completed

Development of Advanced Structures for High Temperature Applications by Thermal Spraying

Fabrication of sandwich structures by deposition of high temperature materials (metals and ceramics) as skin on the foam core.

Status: Completed

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