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Structural hierarchy, modular complimentarity and molecular confinement are three evolutionary conserved design parameters exclusively present in naturally occuring biological macromolecules.  Synthetic macromolecules with such degree of control over structure and diversity of function can bring in transformative shift in the field of biofunctional materials. Our overarching scientific interest is centered around a discovery-driven research program that focuses on (1) Application-guided, informed synthesis of polymers and biomaterials which self-assemble into hierarchical and thermodynamically stable constructs, and (2) harnessing the power of these multivalency-triggered self-assembled constructs to generate functional platforms with molecular confinement and biorecognition capability. As a primary mechanism to generate such macromolecular architectures, our laboratory utilizes orchestrated sequence of polymerization and post-polymerization reactions performed on natural or synthetic, bio-based or commerically viable starting materials. Through molecular modification and design optimization, we tailor the synthesized polymers, modified biomaterials, and assemblies thereof to replicate, interfere or intervene critical aspects of physiological events and processes, perform complex task such as home to a barrier-protected organ or compromised disease micro-environment, sense physio-pathological changes, integrate synthetic surfaces with biological milieu, modify cell-signalling pathways, and trigger the release of active payload in response to environmental cues. With these newly synthesized polymers and polymer-based biofunctional materials we are putting our efforts to improve human health. We are working, with our collaborators, in the challenge areas of human health which includes disease therapy, early diagnosis and prevention, as well as on improving food and water quality.





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