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Aelia Fabricius, 1803

Aelia Fabricius, 1803: 188.

Aeliana Rafinesque, 1815: 119. (unnecessary new name for Aelia)

Type Species: Cimex acuminatus Linnaeus, 1758, by subsequent designation (Brullé, 1836).

Tribal Placement: This is the type genus for the Aeliini.

Included Species:
acuminata (Linnaeus, 1758)
albovittata Fieber, 1868
alticola Kiritshenko, 1914
americana Dallas, 1851
angusta Stehlík, 1976
baluchistanensis Ahmad & Zaidi, 1988
chinensis Rider & Rolston, 1995
cognata Fieber, 1868
contorta Kiritshenko, 1930
cribrosa Fieber, 1868
fieberi Scott, 1874
frigida Kiritshenko, 1930
furcula Fieber, 1868
germari Küster, 1852
granum Jakovlev, 1903
klugii Hahn, 1833
melanota Fieber, 1868
notata Rey, 1887
obtusa Fieber, 1868
punctiventris Horváth, 1911
rostrata Boheman, 1852
satunini Kiritshenko, 1930
sibirica Reuter, 1884
syriaca Horváth, 1903
virgata (Herrich-Schäffer, 1841)

Comments: Wagner (1960) divided Aelia into 4 species groups, and provided keys to the groups and species within each group; he also provided descriptions for most of the species.

Key to Aelia Species Groups (modified from Wagner, 1960)

1      Abdomen pale, sometimes with dark longitudinal bands, but the space between connexivum and spiracles always pale; corium pale, at most the radial vein and the edge a dark longitudinal streak; male parameres always with page-like surface


-       Abdomen with dark longitudinal bands, the space between connexivum and spiracles at least partially dark or darkly punctured; corium usually dark with bright veins; male parameres without page-like surface



2(1)  Shape large and robust; bucculae often with an anterior tooth or a bump, rarely without these, then the length is 9.5-11.5 mm; dorsoposterior margin of male pygophore with 3 emarginations

rostrata group

-       Shape small and slim; bucculae always without anterior tooth or bump; dorsoposterior margin of male pygophore always with only a middle emargination or completely without recesses

acuminata group


3(1)   Shape small; abdomen broader than pronotum; bucculae in front with rounded embossment, in the back low; abdomen ground color dark

frigida group

-        Larger; abdomen not broader than pronotum; bucculae without embossments, sloping evenly to the rear; abdomen ground color pale, with dark marks

virgata group


Aelia acuminata Group
Aelia acuminata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Aelia alticola Kiritshenko, 1914
Aelia fieberi Scott, 1874
Aelia granum Jakovlev, 1903
Aelia klugii Hahn, 1831
Aelia punctiventris
áth, 1911
Aelia satunini Kiritschenko, 1930
Aelia sibirica Reuter, 1884

Aelia frigida Group
Aelia frigida Kiritshenko, 1930

Aelia rostrata Group
Aelia cognata Fieber, 1868
Aelia furcula Fieber, 1868
Aelia germari K
üster, 1852
Aelia melanota Fieber, 1868
Aelia notata Rey, 1888
Aelia obtusa Fieber, 1868
Aelia rostrata Boheman, 1852
Aelia syriaca Horv
áth, 1903

Aelia virgata Group
Aelia albovittata Fieber, 1868
Aelia contorta Kiritshenko, 1930
Aelia cribrosa Fieber, 1868
Aelia virgata (Herrich-Sch
äffer, 1841)

Species not placed by Wagner (1960):
americana Dallas, 1851 (acuminata group fide Staddon & Abdollahi, 1999)
angusta Stehlík, 1976 (acuminata group - originally described as subspecies of henschi, which = sibirica)
baluchistanensis Ahmad & Zaidi, 1988 (acuminata group - originally described as related to acuminata)
chinensis Rider & Rolston, 1995 (acuminata group - Derzhansky, personal communication: this may be a junior synonym of klugii)




Brown, E. S. 1962. Notes on the systematics and distribution of some species of Aelia Fabr. (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) in the Middle East, with special reference to the rostrata group. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (13)5: 129-145, pl. II.

China, W. E. and N. Lodos. 1960. A study of the taxonomic characters of some species of Aelia F. (Heteroptera-Pentatomidae). Annals and Magazine of Natural History (13)2[1959]:577-602.

Staddon, B. W. and G. A. Abdollahi. 1999. Comparative morphology and taxonomic indications of the aedeagus in the genus Aelia (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae 63(1-2): 209-224.

Voegelé, J. 1968. Importance des processus supérieurs des genitalia males pour la systématique des Aelia paléarctiques (Hem. Het. Pentatomidae). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (ns) 4(1): 185-195.

Voegelé, J. 1968. Morphologie fonctionnelle de l’appareil reproducteur des Aelia (Het. Pentatomidae). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (ns) 4(3): 959-966.

Wagner, E. 1960. Die paläarktischen arten der gattung Aelia Fabricius 1803 (Hem. Het. Pentatomidae). Zeitschrift für Angewandte Entomologie 47: 149-195.


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