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Full-time PhD Research Assistant Position Available in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

One Full-time PhD Research Assistant Position Available in Dr. Wu's group in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. Applicants with the following background & experiences are encouraged to apply:

1. B.S. and/or M.S. (M.S. is preferred) degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry/Physics, Materials/Fibers Science & Engineering, Nanotechnology, or close fields;

2. Hands-on research experiences in one or more of the following areas: Polymer Chemistry/Physics, Electrochemistry, Micro/Nanofiber Manufacturing, Membrane Processing & Characterization, Energy Conversion and Storage Devices (e.g., Fuel Cells, Rechargeable Batteries, Solar Cells, or Supercapacitors); Nanomaterial-based sensors; Heat and mass transfer.

3. Preference to work in an interdisciplinary research group of Nano & Multifunctional Materials/Composites Synthesis, Processing, Characterization, Modeling, & Device & Product Development.

4. Strong technical writing & communication skills;

5. High motivation, responsibility & independency in research;

6. Qualified applicant(s) can be admitted in the Department of Mechanical Engineering or the interdisciplinary Materials & Nanotechnology (MNT) Program at NDSU based on applicant's background and preference.

If interested, please send email with a CV to Dr. Xiangfa Wu at

Postdoctoral Research Fellows & Research Scientists

Open Position of Research Assistant Professor is Available (Posted on July 2nd, 2018, Closed)

Dr. Wu's research group at NDSU seeks qualified applicants for a Research Assistant Professor Position in the area of Synthesis and Processing of High-performance Polymer Micro/Nanofibers and Membranes for Energy Conversion and Storage Applications.

The preferred candidate will work on a federally sponsored research project. The expected term for this position is approximately three years (The initial term of the position will be 1.5 years and the position can be renewed for another 1.5 years contingent on available funding). The preferred candidate will have solid knowledge of polymer synthesis, processing of polymer micro/nanofibers and membranes, nanotechnology for energy conversion and storage as well as device design and manufacturing. Knowledge of synthesis and processing of high-performance polymers is preferred.

Minimum Qualifications:  The candidate must have a PhD degree in Mechanical, Chemical, or Polymer Engineering, Nanotechnology, or a closely related field. The candidate must possess solid research skills in polymer synthesis and processing of polymer micro/nanofibers and membranes and will be involved in the research of federally sponsored projects. The candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills. The candidate will help oversee the research activities of one or more graduate and undergraduate students and must demonstrate a willingness to work in an interdisciplinary, dynamic research group of nanotechnology, materials/polymer science and engineering, and mechanical engineering. The candidate must be a self-starter and be able to work independently to meet goals and deadlines.


Preferred Qualifications:  

  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in synthesis of high-performance polymers (e.g., high-temperature and high mechanical performance) and processing of polymer micro/nanofibers and membranes.
  • Strong records of peer-refereed journal publications in nanomanufacturing, polymer micro/nanofibers and membranes, and nanotechnology for electrochemical energy conversion and storage. 
  • Involvement in research of federally sponsored projects.
  • Experience of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in related fields.
  • Postdoctoral research experience in the related fields.


Salary and benefits are comparable with experiences

Official Job Description and Online Application can be found at 

Applicants need to submit a cover letter to address applicant's research experiences in the related fields, a CV to detail applicant's education (including thesis/dissertation titles and advisors), involved research projects, teaching experience, peer-referred journal publications, conference presentations, etc.), and contract information of three references. If having any questions regarding this position, please contact Dr. Xiangfa Wu at or 701-231-8836.

NDSU is an Equal Opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, color, gender expression/identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, participation in lawful off-campus activity, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, public assistance status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, spousal relationship to current employee, or veteran status.

PhD/MS Graduate RA/TA Positions

Each year the Mechanical Engineering Department at NDSU has a variety of PhD/MS RA/TA positions in a broad range of research areas including Thermal & Fluids Science/Engineering (CFD/Microfludics/Experimental/Energy, etc.), Solid Mechanics (Analytic/Computational/Experimental/Biomechanics, etc.), Materials Science & Engineering (Structural Composites/Nanomaterials/Coatings/Biomaterials, etc. ), Dynamics/Vibration/Impact, Robotics, etc. Prospective students with research interests in any of these areas are encouraged to apply.  Applicants should hold at least a B.S./M.S. or equivalent degree in Mechanical Engineering or a close Engineering/Science discipline. 

How to Apply:

Interested applicants will have to be qualified for acceptance to our graduate school and before an offer can be made. The application materials may include: Transcripts, GRE scores, & TOEFL (for students whose native language is not English) scores, Statement of purpose, & Three recommendation letters.

Applicants interested in Nanotechnology & Materials Science & Engineering research in this group may apply through the NDSU Materials & Nanotechnology (MNT) Program at, especially for those with their educational backgrounds not in Mechanical Engineering (e.g., Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, etc.). 


For further details about the research of my group and to discuss the suitability of your background and position availability in my group, you may contact:

Phone: (701) 231-8836  


Visiting Scholars

Interested Self-sponsored Visiting Scholars with backgrounds & research expertise in Solid Mechanics, Polymer Physics/Chemistry, Micro/Nanofiber Science & Engineering, or Applied Mathematics/Mechanics (Analytic/Computational) may contact for collaborative research.

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