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Teaching at NDSU

  • Undergraduate Courses (Fall 2008- )

          ME 223 Mechanics of Materials (S09/F09/Summer 2010/S11/Summer 2011/F12)
          ME 423/623 Intermediate Mechanics of Materials (F08/S09/F09)
          ME 442 Machine Design I (F10/S12/S13/S14/S15/S16/S17/2F17/S18/F18/S19/F19/F20/F21)
          ME 489/689 Vehicle Dynamics (S20/S21)

  • Graduate Courses (Fall 2008- )

          ME 711 Advanced Engineering Analysis (F11/F12/F14/F15/F16/F18/F19/F20/F21) HW Samples:: HW#1; Project#1
          ME 722 Advanced Mechanics of Materials (F10/F13) HW Samples: HW#2
          ME 726 Fracture Mechanics (F13/S16/S18/S20) HW Samples:: HW#1
          ME 733 Polymer Nanocomposites (S10/F11)
          ME 734 Smart Materials and Structures (S15/S17/S19/S21)

          ME 790 Graduate Seminar (F11/S12/F12/F18/S19/F19/S20)

Mentor for Undergraduate Senior Design Projects (ME 461/462)

  1. Design of a biomass pelletizer (Sponsor: Dane Skow & Company LLC, Fargo, ND)  (Fall 2020-Spring 2021). Design Team: Jake Freitag, Andrew Kolling,  Chase Tozer, & Ivan Vazquez
  2. Design of CNH tractor door stops (Sponsor: CNH Industrial Co., Fargo, ND)  (Fall 2019-Spring 2020). Design Team: Andrew Bonnet, Maxwell Lee, Jonathan Patten, & Danielle J. Revering
  3. Design of an easier latching mechanism for a service door (Sponsor: CNH Industrial Co., Fargo, ND)  (Spring 2019-Fall 2019). Design Team: Jonathan Eckhardt, Samuel Gilseth, Calvin Meyer, & Michael Wardlow
  4. Design of adhesively bonded tubular joints for auto applications  (Fall 2018-Spring 2019). Design Team: Christopher Chalgren, Nathan Pierskalla, Dylan Quern, & Andrew Zachman
  5. Design of a vertical wind turbine coupling mechanism (Sponsor: Excedere LLC, Grant Forks, ND) (Fall 2018-Spring 2019). Design Team: Samuel Karschnia, John Reibert, Samuel Sandoz, Noah Stocker, & Stephen Westerback
  6. Design and mechanical characterization of a quick tie-down system (Sponsor: Bobcat Company, ND) (Spring 2018-Fall 2018). Design team: Derek Klein, Wyatt Sieber, Zachery Wood, & Josh Wudtke
  7. Design of a continuously varying transmission testing stand (Sponsor: Team Industries Co., MN) (Fall 2017-Spring 2018). Design team: Alec Boughton, Eric Curtiss, Derrick Markel, & Nick Kuechle
  8. Design of the catheter delivery tool handle (Sponsor: Medtronic Co., MN) (Spring 2017-Fall 2017). Design team: Brian Ferry,Philip Lonneman, Luke Nietfeld , & David Nigon
  9. Design of a melt force-spinning machine for production of ultrathin polymer fibers for environmental protection (Fall 2016-Spring 2017). Design team: Tyler Christianson, Samantha Hoch, Olivia Norman, & Jared Smith
  10. Design of a solution-blowing machine for high-efficiency production of ultrathin polymer fibers (Spring 2016-Fall 2016). Design team: Tyler Boelter, Noa Brezinka, Patrick McEnaney, & Patrick Simpson 
  11. Design of brutus site cleaner vacuum (Sponsor: Bobcat Company, ND) (Fall 2015-Spring 2016). Design team: Sean Bartz, Mathew Orner, Benjamin Nelson, & Isaac Froemming
  12. Design of excavator bucket clean out (Sponsor: Bobcat Company, ND) (Fall 2015-Spring 2016). Design team: David Altstadt, Lucas Gossen, Jesse Laugen,& Kenneth Loepp
  13. Design of sheave fatigue testing apparatus (Sponsor: Celanese Co. MN) (Fall 2014-Spring 2015). Design team: Britt Helten, Mitch Nelson, & Colton Hirman
  14. Design of a progressive thumb (Sponsor: Bobcat Company, ND) (Fall 2013-Spring 2014) (with Dr. Majura Selekwa). Design team: Stephanie Davis, Jerick Hedges, Steven Palmer, & Faith Sanderg
  15. Design of a melt force-spinning machine for production of ultrathin polymer fibers for environmental protection (Sponsor: NSF/NDSU-ME) (Fall 2013-Spring 2014). Design team: Jiaye Li, Quan Yuan, & Sarah Zaviska
  16. Design of adhesively bonded tubular metal joints for auto uses (Fall 2013-Spring 2014). Design team: John Gusewelle, Kyle Gow, Jeffery Hoernemann, & Scott Nash
  17. Design of a portable medical mini-device for wound dressing (Sponsor: NSF/NDSU-ME) (Spring 2013-Fall 2013). Design team: Daniel Gillard, Nicole Reilly, & Morgan Vetter
  18. Design of adhesively bonded tubular joints for auto applications (Fall 2012-Spring 2013). Design team: Shauntel Barnes, Jared Ellis, Casey Orgon, & Megan Velo
  19. Design and filtration evaluation of high-grade air filters made of hybrid renewable nonwoven micro/nanofiber fabrics (Sponsor: NSF/ND Soybean Council/NDSU-ME) (Spring 2012-Fall 2012) (with Dr. Long Jiang). Design team: Nathaniel Grobe, Kyle Sieberg, Chad Splettstoeszer, & Christopher Strand
  20. Design of a novel needleless electrospinning device for low-cost, mass production of continuous silicon nanowires for use in vehicle Li-ion battery electrodes (Sponsored: NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) (Fall 2011-Spring 2012) (with Dr. Iskander S. Akhatov). Design team: Wen Jing Li, Subin Shahukhal, & Youhao Zhao
  21. Dumping bed attachment for a pickup-truck (Spring 2011-Fall 2011). Design team: Aaron Madsen, Nathan Gilbertson, Marc Crepeau, & Theodore M. Hoepfner
  22. Design and mechanical durability evaluation of adhesively bonded tubular joints for auto applications (Spring 2011-Fall 2011). Design team: Ashan Bogollagoma, Tharaka Chandanayaki, Shashika Rathnasinghe, & Siyuan Wei
  23. Design of a needleless electrospinning device for mass-production of nanofibers (Fall 2010-Spring 2011) (with Dr. Iskander S. Akhatov). Design team: Benton Bakke, Brooks Dagen, Weston Melby, & Jason Weyer

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