Moths of North Dakota


Family Pyralidae: Pyralid snout moths

Diagnosis: Proboscis scaled at base; fw with Rs4 stalked with Rs2+3; hw with Sc+R and Rs closely approximate or united beyond discal cell and sharply divergent before outer margin; tympana (ears) at base of abdomen ventrally, not easily visible in anterio-lateral view, praecinctorium absent.

Diversity: Worldwide five subfamilies and at least 6,150 species; North America with at least 565 species in five subfamilies; 42 species have been recorded from North Dakota.

Checklist numbers: 5510- 6075.

Biology: Some leaf tiers and rollers, majority are borers in stems, seeds, buds, or flowers, some are wood borers in the cambium layer, others feed on combs in bee hives or on dried plant materials. Many economically important species: Indian meal moth, Clover hay-worm, Zimmerman pine moth, Sunflower head moth, etc.


moth image

moth image

moth image

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