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A.  Moth topography 1.
Body regions, gross anatomy.


H.  Wing terminology 1.
Wing margins, parts, and basic pattern elements


B.  Moth topography 2.
Body parts.


I.  Wing terminology 2.
Wing pattern elements and wing regions.


C.  Anatomy of the head 1
          Antennal types.


J.  Wing morphology 1.
Wing coupling mechanisms.


D.  Anatomy of the head 2.
        Head structures.

K.   Wing morphology 2.
          Wing types.

E.  Wing venation 1.
Homoneurous venation.

L.  Wing morphology 3.
      Wing structures.

F.  Wing venation 2.
Heteroneurous venation I. Ancestral.

M.   Leg morphology.
          Segmentation, specialized structures.

G. Wing venation 3.
Heteroneurous venation II. Derived.

N.  Body anatomy.
          Thoracic and abdominal structures.

O.  Other terms.                            
Definitions of anatomical and other terms.






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