NDSU Choral Music Anthology

The choral anthology below is a compilation of 144 individual selections comprising seven volumes. The volumes are:

1A. Contemporary European Composers
1B. Canadian Composers
2A. Music of Edwin Fissinger

Edwin Fissinger was a noted composer and Director of Choral Activities at NDSU from 1967-1982. His works are widely respected and available from a number of publishers. His style is individual, challenging, but among the most approachable of modern composers.

2B. Fissinger Composition Prize Winners

Each year, the Challey School of Music holds a composition competition in honor of Edwin Fissinger. This collection features the winning compositions from the years 2010-2019.

3. Early Music
4. Romantic era Music
5. Contemporary American composers
6A. Contemporary Minnesota composers
6B. NDSU Composers
7. Spirituals, Folk Songs and Anthems

The music represents the best of 32 years of choral music at NDSU, from individual CDs from the years 1990 to 2019, compiled and edited by Jo Ann Miller, Director of Choral Activities. The pieces are sung by the NDSU Concert Choir conducted by Jo Ann Miller.

We hope you will enjoy listening to some of our favorite works spanning over three decades of our choral tradition.

Volume 1A: Contemporary European Composers

Volume 1B: Canadian Composers

Volume 2A: Music of Edwin Fissinger

Volume 2B: Fissinger Prize Winners

Volume 3: Early Music

Volume 4: Romantic Composers

Volume 5: Contemporary American Composers

Volume 6A: Contemporary Minnesota Composers

Volume 6B: NDSU Composers

Volume 7: Spirituals, Folk Songs, and Anthems