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Our Leadership in Physical Education and Sport program gives physical education teachers, sport coaches, and leaders a flexible opportunity to earn their Master’s Degree online through an affordable and nationally accredited university.

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  • A flexible degree to grow your career
  • Practical courses and hands-on research opportunities
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This program educates individuals who want to become head coaches, Master physical education teachers, high school athletic directors or assistant athletic directors, athletic department heads, or collegiate-level assistant coaches. So, if you’re ready for the next step in your career, contact NDSU today.

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This online degree is designed for professionals who wish to improve and expand their teaching and coaching skills, acquire self-assessment skills, and develop supervision and leadership competencies. Some courses may require projects or field experiences related to observing, assessing, or teaching/coaching in K-12 or university settings, but all curriculum is presented online.

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Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis and completed applications are typically reviewed within one week. Students should indicate on their application if they desire to begin their course work during the fall, spring, or summer semester.

A degree program that takes you where you want to go

The courses in this program prepare you to be a leader in physical education and sport or recreation programs.

Interscholastic Level

  • Master Teachers
  • Head Coaches
  • Department Head
  • Activities Directors

Intercollegiate Level

  • Assistant Coaches
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant or Lead Directors

Leadership Roles

Become a leader of, and advocate for quality physical education and sport or recreation programs within professional organizations.

Our online program incorporates real-world projects and assignments

Become a confident leader

“Through this program, my leadership has grown into a position where I feel that I can navigate any professional situation that comes my way. If it weren’t for this program, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I have grown as a leader to the point where I feel comfortable being a Dean of Students or an Athletic Director at a school. This has been a long-time professional goal of mine, and it wouldn’t have been attainable without this program. ”

Henry Ruud

High School Teacher and Coach

Cass Lake-Bena Middle/High School, Cass Lake, MN

Grow your expertise

“The Leadership in Physical Education and Sport graduate program assisted in providing knowledge I can incorporate into my field of expertise. These courses have been beneficial in helping me become a leader in my profession. I have gained important leadership characteristics by voicing my knowledge and concerns in our PE Department. The knowledge I have received throughout this program has led the charge in creating a positive dialogue with coworkers and developing a better environment for all students.”

Kalia Capouch

Teacher, Cheney Middle School

West Fargo, ND

Never stop improving

“My experiences throughout my graduate program career have been multiple and career-changing. These experiences have shown me how I have grown and improved, but also where I still need to improve. The strengths I developed and used the most during my experiences are hard work, organization, leadership, and critical thinking. This graduate program has given me the ability to grow as a person, professional, and leader.”

Kasey Koepplin

Teacher and coach

Gila Ridge High School, AZ

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