Basics of Design

Focal Focal Flowers

The focal flowers have the biggest blossoms and are the most eye-catching flowers in the arrangement. The stem usually has from about 1-3 blossoms on it that will go into an arrangement. This is the part of the design gives the “wow” factor, and captures a buyer’s attention.  An example would be the Parrot Tulip.

Line FlowersLine

These flowers come in bunches, about two to three branches
per stem. When putting these flowers and buds in a design they are placed throughout the arrangement at different heights. An example would be an Orchid.


Filler Filler Flowers

Filler flowers are always small flowers that make the arrangement look full and big. They are used to fill in empty space and they are the last touch that completes the design and dresses it up. An example would be baby’s breath.


Grassy Fillers Leatherleaf

Grassy filler or “greens” are used a lot in arrangement to make it look like was freshly picked from a garden; it also makes the arrangement look more natural. An example is Leather leaf, which is used in most floral arrangements.




Principles of Design


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