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Jun 29 - Jul 3, 2015 Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC) conference at Telluride, CO is being organised by Dr. Kilina along with Dr. Kilin, Dr. Li and Dr. Nazin. Full story

Peng Cui is presenting a talk at Telluride Science Research Center conference
Jun 2015 Schedule for summer group meetings is ready. View Schedule

Welcome back greetings to David Barth on continuing his summer research in our group
May 14-16, 2015 Svetlana and Jabed presented their research at SouthEast Theoretical Chemistry Association, a conference held in Florida.
May 2015 Congrats to Brendan and Naveen on completing their mini proposal presentations.

Congrats to Deyan on completing his comprehesive exam.
Apr 2015 Peng Cui, Naveen Dandu, Brendan Gifford, Levi Lystrom, Jabed Mohammed and Patrick Tamukong presented posters on their research at EPSCoR and NDAS conferences held in Fargo, ND.
Mar 2015 Peng Cui, Naveen Dandu and Levi Lystrom presented their posters at 249th ACS National Meeting held in Denever, CO.

Dr. Tamukong presented his poster at APS Conference held in San Antonia, Texas.
Jan 2015 Dr. Kilina received FORWARD LEAP Research Grant funded by NDSU EPSCoR for research on nanomaterials.

Congrats and welcome to new graduate student Jabed Md. to our lab.

Welcome to Bryan Henderson and Kim Ngo, undergrad researchers.
Nov 11, 2014 Dr. Kilina presented a talk on 'Nanomaterials: History, Technology Potentials and Concerns' at Science Cafe. Full story
Nov 5, 2014 Levi participated in poster presentation at undergraduate research presentation.
Sep 2014 Svetlana Kilina received NSF (CHEM/DMR) grant award along with Dmitri Kilin and Andrei kryjevski for carbon nanotubes functionalization.

Svetlana Kilina received NSF grant award along with Wenfang Sun for metal organic complexes.
Summer 2014 Congratulations to Naveen for being accepted as a summer intern at Los Alamos National Lab.

Welcome to David Barth, a new summer student.
Apr 2014 Story about Dr. Kilina was published in NDSU home page, titled as "NDSU chemist wins prestigious Sloan Fellowship". Full story

Peng Cui, Brendan Gifford and Dinusha Pairis presented posters on their research at EPSCoR conference held in Grand Forks, ND.
Aug 2012 Dr. Svetlana Kilina, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at North Dakota State University, Fargo, has received a $750,000 five-year award from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Research Program.