North Dakota Sunflower Nitrogen Calculator
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  Conventional Till (Tillage greater than 2 inch depth, thin ammonia shank or striptill shank, does not contribute to conventional till)
  Long-Term No-Till (6 years or more continuous no-till)
  Short-Term No-Till (1-5 years of continuous no-till)
Sunflower Price:
Price Range From: ($0.09/lb to $0.30/lb)
Price Increments: ($0.03)

Nitrogen Cost:
Price Range From: ($0.20/lb to $1.00/lb):
Price Increments: ($0.10)

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Percent Organic Matter In The Soil:
If organic matter is greater than 5.9% additional credits are considered.
Organic Matter Percentage:   

Soil Test Nitrate-N (0-2 foot depth):
Whole Numbers: Zero to No-Limit, (No Decimal Values):   
Nitrogen Recommendation:
Nitrogen Recommendation Preview:
   plus or minus 20 pound N per acre.

Nitrogen Recommendation After Credits:
   plus or minus 20 pound N per acre.

   The final N recommendation is an average optimal rate. Your final N rate decision may be plus or minus 20 pounds N per acre from that value depending on individual field situations. The value assumes an optimal N application and timing strategy. If these strategies are not optimal, a greater N rate maybe needed. Suboptimal N application strategies include to early N application the fall prior to seeding, surface urea/UAN application or lightly incorporated urea/UAN, or shallow ammonia application. Fields that are first year sunflower, or sunflower more then 4 years after a deep rooted crop including sunflower may have have deep N, and a minimal N preplant application followed by side-dress application at V5-V8 is recommended.

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