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Nanoenvirology Research Group (NRG):
Exploring the world of Environmental Nanotechnology

Preparing K-12 Students for Careers in STEM

Student Project leads to 'Global Campaign' Read More at: www.ndsu.edu/ndsuem

Members of NRG:

  1. Sita Krajangpan (Ph.D)
  2. Harjyoti Kalita (Ph.D)
  3. Rabiya Shabnam (MS)
  4. Dhritikshama Roy (Ph.D)
  5. Christopher Capecchi (MS)
  6. Sharanya Shanbhogue (MS)
  7. Talal Almeelbi (Ph.D)
  8. Matthew Haugstad (BS)
  9. Michael Quamme (BS 2010)
  10. Chad Mayfield (BS 2010)
  11. Jay Thompson (M.S. 2008)
  12. Juan Elorza (B.S. 2008)
  13. Achintya Bezbaruah

Bezbaruah Presents ECS Green Bag Seminar

West Fargo 7-8 Graders Win Top NASA Prize: Bezbaruah Mentors

Congratulations to Jay on his joining Stanford University for his doctoral program!!

Congratulations to Chad, Juan, and Mike on your starting a new career.

Welcome! New member of our group: Matthew

NRG Members Featured in

NDWRRI 2009 Newsletter

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