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Moth Images by Family


Family Common name Subfamilies
Acrolophidae Burrowing webworms  
Alucitidae Many-plume moths  
Arctiidae Tiger & Lichen moths Arctiinae, Lithosiinae
Autostichidae Autostichid moths Symmocinae
Batrachedridae Batrachedrid moths  
Bedelliidae Bedelliid moths  
Bombycidae Silkworm moths Apatelodnae, Bombycinae
Bucculatricidae Ribbed cocoon makers  
Carposinidae Carposinid moths  
Choreutidae Choreutid moths  
Coleophoridae Case-bearers Coleophorinae, Momphinae
Copromorphidae Copromorphid moths  
Cosmopterigidae Cosmopterigid moths Chrysopeleiinae, Cosmopteriginae
Cossidae Carpenter moths  
Crambidae Crambid snout moths Crambinae, Evergestinae, Glaphyrinae, Nymphulinae, Odontiinae, Pyraustinae, Schnoebiinae, Scopariinae
Drepanidae Hook-tip moths Drepaninae, Thyatirinae
Elachistidae Elachistid moths Depressariinae, Elachistinae, Ethmiinae, Stenomatinae
Eperminiidae eperminiid moths  
Gelechiidae Gelechiid moths Dichromeridinae, Gelechiinae
Geometridae Inchworm moths Alsophilinae, Archiearinae, Ennominae, Geometrinae, Larentiinae, Sterrhinae
Glyphidocerinae Glyphidocerid moths  
Glyphipterigidae Sedge moths  
Gracillariidae Gracillariid moths
Hepialidae Ghost moths
Incurvariidae Incurvariid moths
Lasiocampidae Tent caterpillars, Lappet moths Lasiocampinae, Macromphaliinae
Limacodidae Slug caterpillars  
Lymantriidae Tussock moths
Nepticulidae Nepticulid moths
Noctuidae Owlet moths Acontiinae, Acronictinae, Agaristinae, Amphipyrinae, Bagisarinae, Bryophilinae, Calpinae, Catocalinae, Condicinae, Cucullinae, Eustrotiinae, Euteliinae, Hadeninae, Heliothentinae, Hermininae, Hypeninae, Noctuinae, Plusiinae, Psaphidinae, Raphiinae, Strepsimaninae, Stiriinae, Ufeinae 
Nolidae Nolid moths Chloephorinae, Nolinae, Risobinae
Notodontidae Notodontid moths Heterocampinae, Notodontinae, Nystaleinae, Phalerinae, Pygaerinae
Oecophoridae Oecophorid moths  
Opostegidae Opostegid moths  
Panthiidae Panthiid moths
Prodoxidae Yucca moths
Plutellidae Diamondbacked moths
Psychidae Bagworm moths
Pterophoridae Plume moths
Pyralidae Pyralid snout moths Chrysauginae, Epipaschiinae, Gallerinae, Phycitinae, Pyralinae
Saturniidae Giant silkworm moths Ceratocampinae, Hemileucinae, Saturniinae
Schreckensteinidae Schreckensteinid moths
Sesiidae Clearwing moths Tinthiinae, Sesiinae
Sphingidae Sphinx moths, Hawkmoths Macroglossinae, Smerinthinae, Sphinginae
Thyrididae Window winged moths
Tineidae Cloths & Carpet moths
Tischeriidae Tischeriid moths
Tortricidae Bell moths, Leaf rollers Olethreutinae, Tortricinae
Uraniide Uraniid moths Epipleminae
Urodidae Urodid moths
Xylorictidae Xylorictid moths Scythridinae
Yponomeutidae Ermine moths Attevinae, Yponomeutinae
Ypsolophidae Ypsolophid moths





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