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Gnophaela vermiculata-- not known from ND



Gnophaela vermiculata
Eilema bicolor Crambidia pallida Crambidia casta Cisthene barnesi

Lycomorpha splendens, similar to L. grotei-- not known from ND



Lycomorpha grotei
Lycomorpha pholus Hypoprepia fucosa Hypoprepia minians Hypoprepia inculta


Utetheisa ornatrix-- not known from ND

Haploa reversa-- not known from ND


Brucea pulverulenta
Utetheisa ornatrix Haploa reversa Haploa confusa Haploa lecontei



Haploa reversa-- not known from ND, other haploas may also be white.




Haploa reversa


Haploa contigua

Haploa lecontei Haploa lecontei


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Last updated: 04/14/09

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