Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Lithosiinae

Hypoprepia miniata (Kirby 1837)

Common name: Scarlet winged lichen moth.

Hodges #: 8089.

Identification: Rfw 14.2 mm, complete pattern in red and black; head and thorax red.

Similar species:  8090, 8092, 8087.

Distribution: southern Canada and U. S. except West Coast.

Hosts: Larvae feed on lichens.

Note: as of this writing, the USGS website has the names of 8090 and 8089 transposed with respect to the photographs, consequently distributional data from that site are questionable.


ND, Barnes Co., 29- VI- 1985., UV lt.

Head and prothorax showing concolorous vertex, ptagiae, and tegulae.







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