Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Lithosiinae

Hypoprepia fucosa Hübner [1831]

Common name: Painted lichen moth.

Hodges #: 8090.

Identification: Rfw13.8 mm, fw and marginal band of hw blue-gray, fw streaks yellow-orange, hw ground color pink; thorax and abdomen gray.

Similar species: 8089, 8092, 8074.

Distribution: southern Canada and U. S. east of the Rockies.

Hosts: Larvae feed on mosses and lichens on trees.

Note: as of this writing, the USGS website has the names of 8090 and 8089 transposed with respect to the photographs, consequently distributional data from that site are questionable.


Hypoprepia fucosa

SD, Minnehaha Co., Sioux Falls, 12- VIII- 1980, coll. G. Fauske.

Head and prothorax showing vari-colored pattern of vertex, ptagiae, tegulae and mesoscutum.


Ventral hw of H. fucosa showing fused M3 and Cu1A, characteristic of Hypoprepia.





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